Sunday, May 19, 2013

Skechers GObionic Ride - Initial Review

With hints of pastel pink and coral blue, this pair of Women's Skechers GObionic Ride just screamed "girly" to me.  

If pink is enough to throw me into an excited frenzy, imagine what pastel pink can do to me! *hops around with glee*

Hello there, my pair of lovelies!

Like its predecessor the GObionic, the GObionic Ride (hereafter fondly referred to as "GBR") retains its ultra lightweight synthetic and mesh fabric upper. The upper wraps around your feet with breathable material and keeps your movement flexible.

With a 4mm heel drop for a minimal heel lift.

The GBR has a 4mm heel drop which does not compromise the natural position of the feet to remain low to the ground. 

18 articulated Bio-Responsive cushioning zones.

The sole looks almost similar except for a rearrangement of  its rubber traction pads. You will note the missing piece at the arch area.

S for Skechers, not Superman. :)

The toe box also remains extremely roomy, providing a natural splay of the feet. Flat footed people like me will not to worry about the lack of toe space.

An option to go for a 'barefoot' feel is to remove the sockliners.

Should you prefer to go for a more 'barefoot' feeling, you still have the option to remove the Ortholite anti-microbial sockliners. I am however, still conservative and prefer my sockliners in place. :)

Key differences between GObionic Ride and GObionic

1. I swoon as I write this. Remember the time when I gushed over the GOrun 2? Well, the upper for the GBR is exactly the same as the one on the GOrun 2. The nearly seamless upper encases my feet so well (and so soft) that the feet remains flexible.

It is so much softer than the earlier material used for the GObionic

The 2 Bionics.

2. The GBR's 4mm heel drop to the GObionic's 0mm heel drop does not get in the way. You will still be able to feel the ground beneath your feet.

The traction pads at certain points are rearranged on the GObionic Ride.

3. The rubber traction pads on GBR's outer sole are rearranged but does not in any way affect the cushioning zones of your feet. I like how they are soft blue in colour instead of the usual black, but that's the just the bimbo in me talking. 

The Run Test

I had so much fun with the GObionic that I must credit my strong calves to it. :) But during my runs, I did think that they would be extra perfect with a hint of cushioning. So I was pretty excited when Skechers Malaysia informed me that the GObionic Ride would be available in the market.

I've worn the GBR for a couple of short runs (as far as up to 10KM), speed interval training and stair climbing.

I just can't emphasize how extremely light they feel when running in them. They take you flying, no soaring!  Once you realise just how fast you're going, and so effortlessly too, try pulling the brakes and you'll find yourself having a bit of an internal wrestle with yourself.
The 4mm heel drop does not in any way hinder your speed. The feel of the cushioning is very very slight, but it provides sufficient comfort to the heel as your foot rolls to a flat landing. No, you won't heel strike, if that's what you're worried about, as the tendency to land mid-foot is still there.

Verdict: The GBR is great for speed training. I think they would definitely take me on an exceptionally fast ride in a 5KM dash or 10KM race.

A Note of Thanks:
This pair of Skechers GObionic Ride was provided by Skechers Malaysia for review purposes. The Skechers GObionic Ride are available at their outlet stores, retailing at RM369 (Women's) and RM399 (Men's).

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  1. I agree, great for speed training but now I'm in a race shoe dilemma, GObionic or GOMeb!

    1. It takes me away too fast, it's scary!
      Haha, sometimes it gives me a false sense of confidence that I can maintain the speed!