Friday, June 28, 2013

Curls and Circles

I went to my Korean hairdresser 3 weeks ago to get my roots coloured - when in actual fact, I asked her to colour my hair black. Communication with her tend to go awry most of the time so now, not only do I not have black hair, but also some kind of perm!

(I had to wait for the lift with a mirrored wall or I wouldn't be able to snap this pic. LOL!)

I was rushing for a last minute invitation for a birthday dinner in PJ and well, yeah, okay. I look pretty decent here.

What I didn't realise that I was wearing the same dress I wore to the birthday's boy party 8 years ago!

It is either a sad thing that I am keeping my old clothes or it's amazing that I can still squeeze into it. Haha!

Anyway, the reaction from friends were mixed. One bluntly blurted out, "Why did you do that?" and another laughed smirked shook his head with disbelief. Some said it wasn't that bad.

It makes me chuckle as I believe this hairstyle is best matched with K-pop superstar features and figures. Not someone who is trying her best to avoid looking middle-aged as possible. :P

Right after the hair makeover, I thought I'd be adventurous and go for a half body massage. The receptionist was mighty confused when I said I wanted the lower half.


I hope she wasn't thinking (at that time) that I wanted a happy ending from one of her girls to satisfy my lesbian fantasies.

My legs were sore from doing 100 lunges that Monday, so I desperately needed a release, I mean, my glutes to feel much better. 

RM35 for a 30 minute half body massage seemed decent for a desperado like me. But alas, my conversational Mandarin definitely need some practice because once again, I was lost.

She kept asking me things and I really didn't know what she was talking about, so I'd just nod and hmmm appropriately, but I think at one point she wanted my confirmation about something, so I just said OK.

After the massage (I was still clothed) she told me to take off my shorts. 

I thought I heard her ask whether I wanted my waist to be massaged, so I said OK.

So I took off my shorts and laid on my tummy.

I heard a strange popping sound.

Uh oh.

I got worried.

Apparently, I had inadvertently agreed to a cupping session to release the 'wind' in my body.


I will tell you right now that I am a coward and a chicken shit when I did not jump out of the bed and stopped her right then and there. I just resigned to the fact that I was going to have some red circles on my body. Aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh.

So I laid there, waiting for the process to finish and jump out of bed.

Thank goodness I had my phone with me so I could chat furiously to my friends and tell them what a hopeless case I was. *facepalm*

And that cost an additional RM34 which wasn't too bad. But dammit, thank goodness I didn't have a function to attend because I wouldn't want the marks to be noticeable!

Surprisingly, the marks weren't very obvious.
Meaning, I didn't have that much wind in me, or what?

My experience with massages will never be fantastic, I tell you. I always seem to have a bad experience one or another!

Anyway, I could walk much better after that (glutes were loosened up) but only til late evening! The soreness came back and yeah, I should have just used my foam roller and that would have been cheaper.

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