Thursday, December 12, 2013

Perth Eats: Jus Burger and Phong Vinh, Northbridge

We were in Perth in September, he, for work and I went along for the ride to visit my friends. Staying in a city is not much fun when you don't have any recommendations for food, or you're just like me, a bit picky on the menu and prices.

So we walked all the way to Northbridge, since it promised more dinner options. We walked past Jamie Oliver's Italian which was packed to the brim, not including the queue outside. (But why??)

We ambled on and on the first night, we settled for Jus Burger. *makes a grimace* It wasn't our first choice but we were hungry and it was almost 9pm.

Jus Burger
189 William Street
WA 6003

I was shocked by the presentation. My mum would have freaked out, too!

YB ordered the Wagyu burger set.

And this is my half!

I initially ordered the chickpea or pumpkin or tempeh burger but they ran out of tempeh that night, so I resigned myself to the Mozzarella Chicken burger.

I never knew how traditional old-fashioned I was until I saw the presentation of the burgers. *roll eyes* My parents and elders always told me not to poke anything (e.g. chopsticks) upright into your food (e.g. bowl of rice) as it's equivalent to serving the food to the dead at the altar. Similar to joss sticks?

Presentation aside, my burger was salty, probably from the pesto and mozzarella or an over-marinated chicken patty, who knows. 

The Wagyu burger was so-so, nothing mouthwatering-to-die-for unforgetable. We enjoyed the fries and coleslaw, that was it.

I think our experience at V Burger was much better.

Verdict: I'm sure there are better burger places to go to in Perth.


Phong Vinh
3/323 William Street
WA 6000
Links: Urbanspoon

After a disappointing dinner at Jus burger the night before, we crossed our fingers that it won't be too bad to take the reviews into consideration and check out this place.
Is that dude in blue a runner? *squints hard*

 So, what do we order, YB asked. I said I wasn't sure, just that the place had pretty good ratings!

We shared some rice paper rolls.

He ordered some soupy/broth thingy which was pretty good, actually. The taste of MSG was minimal, and the broth was sweet enough.

I was craving for some fried chicken.

So I ordered the bunh with crispy fried chicken.

The bunh was pretty bare, compared to what I've had at most Vietnamese places. Uhm, Wasn't there supposed to be shredded carrots and cucumber or something? Nevertheless a decent dish, though I think YB's dish was much better.

Hmmm ... crispy fried chicken!

Verdict: The pho should be good. Overall, the prices are quite reasonable. Doesn't burn a hole through the pocket for a simple place.


If you're in Perth and craving for some awesome strudel, don't forget to check out Corica in Northbridge! It's AUD$20.00 for half a foot or one foot, I think.

Oh and their almond bars - really yummy!!

Disclaimer: Opinion and views to the food are restricted only to what was ordered and consumed!


  1. The burger looks so juicy...but yup the knife 'stabbed' in the middle of it made the presentation look scary. Eeek.
    And may I say a runner (especially speedy ones like you) can spot a runner, miles away. Hehehe

    1. which one, Millie, the beef or chicken? :)

      the guy was wearing a running vest (i think), and it was after the Melbourne Marathon, so maybe there really was a lot of runners in the city that day! hehe