Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend Run: Dromana To Green's Bush, Mornington Peninsula

It takes an hour's drive from Melbourne to Dromana.

Dragging ourselves out of bed was a chore, as always. Unless the body clock is used to 5am wake up calls, this will always remain a chore for us!

The trip was necessary for two reasons. First, it's the weekend and that meant a long run was in order. Checking out part of the route of Two Bays Trail Run was the second.

Yesterday, we started out from Dromana's Visitor Information Centre where the start for 28km and halfway point of 56km will be located, towards Latrobe Parade before reaching the tracks.

It was a misty morning when we arrived but the mist soon cleared before he reached the top.

It was a relief to get off the road and onto the tracks!

My camera lens was a bit foggy. Oops.

Caught a glimpse of blue and aquamarine from Port Phillip Bay through an opening.

Photo credit: Wong Yi Bin.

An easy run meant a good opportunity to muck about!
And no one to judge you. ;)

Mclaren's Dam.

We continued on and soon found ourselves at Waterfall Gully Road. Followed Goolgowie Street, through a small reserve and out on Yambill Avenue. Hit Duells Road and a long long long dirt track (road reserve) into Hyslops Road (also a dirt track). You'll be looking at farms on both sides of the road. 

The beginning of the Two Bays Walking Track (it's a marked trail so you won't get lost if you follow the blue wren logo) was situated in Arthurs Seat National Park.

This time round, we found ourselves in Green's Bush, part of Mornington Peninsula National Park.

We had to scrape our shoes on the brush available at the entrance and exit to prevent the spreading of cinnamon fungus in the park. It's a disease causing organism that attacks and destroys plants' root system!

The Two Bays Walking Track was proposed by Stefanie in 1984 or something like that.

It was a nice and quiet part of the park, with the occasional cool breeze caressing your skin as you continue along the track.

We took a short break at Green's Bush to refuel and drink up, and for some, it meant putting on a band aid to avoid further friction on the bunion. ;)

We then retraced our steps with renewed vigour. The energy which was earlier suppressed (to muck about and take loads of pictures) was soon released. 

A foggy lens gives an automatic soft glow eh.

The guys were at the left corner, waiting for me to get this selfie done before they continued on.

Odd looking fruits.

Renewed vigour or not, with the sun now high up in the sky (it was late morning), we still had hills to tackle.

Mr Wu led the pack with YB following closely behind.

I felt like a donkey trudging up the track with a heavy backpack. Hee haw.

Tried to do another selfie with the bay in the background but failed.

To think that in ... *counts* ... 14 DAYS ... *gasp* I will be running past this stretch twice!

Made me wish I was paragliding instead.

Uhm, not that I've done it before!

Anyway, knowing that it was only 6KM to go, everyone kicked up the gear and ran rather quickly. I did my best, too, though that 6KM didn't go by as quickly as I thought it would.

Out of the park and back onto Latrobe Parade, I didn't see anyone else on the road running. Several cyclists and motorists did go by, but not runners.

The view on the other side of the bridge (see first picture).


It was a good run, with no pressure or anything, and getting to know part of the route. There are some parts which I feel like I will need to have my iPod for company (especially during the long dreary Hyslops Road) but I'm still thinking whether I will be that anti-social one. 

We ran past a few people with those things plugged into their ears and despite us waving hi to them, not everyone returned our greeting. Really!

4:05 for a lazy 27KM was not great, but if we exclude the time spent posing and snapping pictures, I'm sure it would be a sub-4:00. Haha!

Am I prepared for Two Bays Trail? I sure have to, even if I'm not confident of hacking my target time. (Why oh why do I give myself such lofty targets?)

The only mistake I made this time was lugging 3.2L of water. I wasn't too sure if it was going to be freaking hot, so best to be well hydrated. I'll probably reduce it to 1.5L for the event and refill at aid stations. 

It was noon by the time we went for a dip in the water.


It was cold!

But nice. :D

Just for a while!

The beach was crowded and packed with people. We managed to secure a spot with unrestricted view of the water, probably because there was pipe leading out to the water from the mainland. But the sand was dry, so, who cares! We just sat down.

The hubby and I were devouring lunch which Siqi had graciously prepared for us (it was very yummy) while we sat there, observing our surroundings.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of Middle Eastern (I think) ladies plonked their chairs IN FRONT OF US, blocking our view. 

Bloody rude!

Isn't there a rule on the beach that you're not supposed to block someone's view? I mean, surely it's just being courteous.

We were outraged, and sigh, if we were staying on, we would have started a fuss. I think it's only fair that some people need to be told off (if explaining politely doesn't work) so that they don't repeat the same mistake again.

Or they'd get bashed up by gangsters or triad members if they mess with the wrong people in the future. :P

Here's a picture of their fat butts.

I think it's a lovely picture with foreground and background subjects.

I was tempted to stand in front of them, just for the sake of being a pain in the butt (pun)! :D

Anyway, we left for the hour drive back to Melbourne. The traffic on the other side of the highway towards Dromana and Frankston were busy with potential beach goers. It was 38'C in Melbourne so everyone wanted to hit the beach!

We were lucky because Dromana was about 26'C then. Otherwise, I'm not sure how we would have endured the run in 38'C!


  1. My butt would definitely help block those ladies view if I was there! LOL

    All the best for the Two Bays Trail Run!

    1. hahaha! i would have made you stand with me in front them and pretend to admire the view! better yet, bring a huge umbrella too!