Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Melbourne Eats: Eating Out in Bright

Over the weekend in Bright for the Razorback Run that weekend in November 2013, we only ate at two places.

Il Centro Pizza House
94 Gavan Street
Bright, VIC 3741
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We arrived in Bright in time for dinner and decided to fill up our tummies before making our way to our accommodation and race briefing.

We wandered around the city streets, not knowing where to go and what exactly our tummies felt like eating. We eventually settled for this place just because it was crowded. 

Shrimps, mushroom, bacon and ham pizza. I think.

Their choice of pasta was rather limited so we resorted to ordering a pizza and fish & chips.

Fish was supposed to be in beer batter, but we couldn't taste much of it. 

Despite it being busy and packed with customers, service was OK.

Our bill came to AUD$44.00 as we had some beer. Except for the pizza being a bit on the salty side, the meal was a forgettable one.

Harrietville Snowline Hotel
237 Great Alpine Road
Bright, VIC 3741
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After the run the next day, we settled for dinner at the hotel pub while waiting for the prize giving ceremony to begin.

Reviews for its local trout and burger was great, so we opted for these two dishes.

Burger with fries and aioli.

The burger was part of the specials that day but man, it wasn't too shabby - we devoured the whole thing!

Trout with kipflers.

The trout was good, too, despite having to nibble carefully so as to avoid swallowing its little bones. It was juicy yums, especially with that wedge of lemon!
Our dinner was so much better than the earlier one.

We chose to stay here because it was a few hundred metres away from the start and finish line for the race. Rooms are decent. Make your booking online for to save a few dollars!

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