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Melbourne Runner Profile: Jon Lim

At Two Bays Trail Run 2014.
Everyone knows Jon Lim. He's like one of the social butterflies of the running community and you'll be sure to spot him at most of the trail events in Victoria. His day job involves being a team leader for a German e-commerce company.

His enthusiasm and excitement for everything which involves running is infectious and you can't help but to be in the zone with him!

YT: Hey, Jon. Tell us how long have you been running?

JL: I've been running for around 4 and a half years now and my fifth Melbourne marathon will signify my 5 years of long distance running. Initially starting with a 10km fun run in Sydney with my then girlfriend (now wife...Hi Shaun!), we eventually did a half marathon and our first Melbourne Marathon 8 months later.

YT: Besides running, do you have any other hobbies? I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to have running as your only hobby!

JL: Music has always been a big part of my life and I've previously managed singers, writers and producers. I've also been lucky enough to be involved with some big music tours and festivals and been previously involved with ARIA (Australia Music Industry Awards) as part of the industry voting panel. These days my main hobby is spending time with my wife and daughter...which I enjoy the most!

But I'd also like to say I'm involved with a truly great bunch of people at the Surf Coast Trail Runners where we foster the love of trail running and sharing our experiences with each other. I also do work at AURA (the Australian Ultra Runners Association)...Sorry couldn't help but speak about running. :)

YT: Which do you enjoy more, running on road or on the trails?

JL: Is that a real question?? :) Trails always win hands down, though I'm a terrible climber I still enjoy being out on the trails much more than the roads.

YT: We have seen you progressed so much and embracing the life of an ultra runner last year. Which event was the most memorable one for you?

JL: Probably the Tan Ultra 100k was my most memorable moment in 2013 as it was the first time I completed a 100k race within the cutoff time. And this was with 5 minutes to spare. :) I couldn't believe that my dream came true!

Completing The Tan Ultra 2013.

YT: Signing up for 100KM runs sounds like madness to me, and requires a lot of commitment. How do you juggle your time between work, family and training?

JL: Lucky my wife started on the running journey with me and she understands the time and commitment required in training for endurance events. Now that I have a young daughter, time is even more valuable to us so we always plan most things carefully in advance. Long runs may start at 6am or even earlier! :)

Work sometimes gets in the way, but I try to run at lunchtime on most days.

YT:  What's in store for 2014? What's going to be your biggest event?

JL: Tarawera which I just participated in was my biggest event for the year. Unfortunately due to Cyclone Lusi the course (100 to 70k) and cutoff times were changed during the event which resulted my race ending at 50k. No regrets and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in an event. Can't wait to go back!

The Buffalo Stampede Ultra was also another big one which resulted in a DNF, but I'm taking that experience and using it to accomplish bigger things! I will be back for it in 2015 on my birthday. :)

In 2 weeks I plan to do my first 24 hour run around Albert Park Lake, then the next two Trails+ Ultra events at Mt Macedon and the You Yangs...always a good hit out with Trails+! Later in the year will hopefully get an entry in the Great Ocean Walk 100 which I'm really excited about!

YT:  What's your favourite carbo-loading meal before an event, if any?

JL: Pasta always, usually spaghetti bolognaise.

His girls cheering him at the Tan Ultra 2013!

YT:  If you could meet one famous person, who would it be and what would you say to him or her? He or she doesn't have to be a runner!

JL: Maybe a bit of bromance going on here :) ... but I'd be keen to meet Marky Mark (aka Mark Whalberg). I've always admired him for everything he has achieved in his life, the different careers he has had and how he has made it on so many levels in the motion picture industry. He has definitely worked hard to achieve all his goals in life.

Thanks for your time, Jon! It's always good to see you at the events. We wish you the very best for your upcoming events and will cheer you on!

To support Jon's 24 hour run around Albert Park Lake on 26-27th April 2014, head on to the Relay for Life page and donate to his cause. A little bit of help goes a long way!

To keep up with Jon, follow his Facebook page at Jon Lim - No Limits To Endurance.

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