Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a 4-day weekend over here in Australia. Like what we usually do back in Malaysia, long weekends are either spent back home in our hometown with our parents, or locating a new waterfall/hiking place to explore or just running around with our friends and having meals together.

You could also sleep in and laze about at home, if you'd like.

Ever since I swapped the wallpaper on my phone to a picture of my niece, I have been missing her loads and loads. The hubs rolled his eyes when I shared this with him and said he couldn't imagine what I'd be like if it were my own child.

Anyway, I baked some cookies, using a cookie cutter for the first time in my life. 

The results, I suppose, were alright.

It was hard work using a toothpick to draw their whiskers, nose and eyes, though. I dusted the first batch with some icing sugar to hide their distorted features but instead, it sweetened the cookies too much. Decide to forget the icing sugar.

Wearing the hair clip I made for her.
What exactly is the relation between bunny cookies and my niece? She was born in the Year of the Rabbit, so that makes her 3 this year.

The only way I could share these cookies with her was showing them to her on Skype, which, if you asked me, was probably rather cruel. I was polite enough not to eat them in front of her!

I can't believe I'm going to miss seeing her grow up and all. *sniff*

My sister tells me that this little girl now chats to her dolls on a daily basis, besides monkeying about and driving my parents up the wall. :)

Last Friday, we went to Plenty Gorge for a short evening run, just to shake the cobwebs off our legs. I think we have pretty much gained a few kilos after the Buffalo Stampede, just lazing about and eating non-stop.

The Salomon Trail Series Race 2 is held at Plenty Gorge.

I felt ridiculously unfit!

On Sunday, we checked out the Brimbank Park and detoured just a bit to scour the unknown sections, which was quite fun.

In the park itself, you have a track to follow and prior to this, I never knew the park existed! There were a few river crossings which will lead you to the other side of the river. If you're adventurous enough to run wild on your own, you'll find yourself on a dirt track just like in the picture above.

Since I made too much goodies over the weekend, they definitely had to be shared. I brought some cookies and coconut candy for the runners and well, thankfully they were well received.

The coconut candy turned out too dry, in my opinion, and most likely because I reduced the amount of sugar. I did my best to salvage them with some chocolate!!

This Friday is Anzac Day, so it's another short week but a long weekend. Where are you off to?

Running on Friday, resting and cheering Jon on Saturday, and helping out at the Brimbank Urban Trail Run this Sunday! The medals look like souvenir fridge magnets, you know. How cool is that!

Ooh, I'm thinking about what I should bake this weekend!


  1. Your niece a Rabbit? Hi Ya fellow rabbit! :)

    1. Ah, Cik Arnab also born in Rabbit year, ya?
      My niece, funnily is a cheeky monkey, though!

  2. Another long weekend? So envy...

    1. Isn't labour day coming soon ... :)

  3. Sleeping in and lazing about seems like the right thing to do on long weekends but then if you're a runner you tend to leave you sanity locked up somewhere and wake up at ungodly hours just to run! Seriously, you runners are crazy people!

    1. a crazy person calling other people crazy hahaha!