Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Best Scones Ever

I love watching The Living Room (Channel Ten) on Friday evenings because they are funny. I simply adore Miguel with his Spanish charms, and he never fails to make me chuckle.

A few weeks ago, his segment was of him participating in a scone making challenge with a bunch of ladies. It was interesting when he mentioned that his secret ingredient was lemonade!

Who would have known ...

The recipe is so simple, and here's one from Taste's website.
3 cups of self raising flour
A pinch of salt
1 cup of cream
1 cup of lemonade*

*Alternatively, use 1 cup of sparkling water and 1 tsp of icing sugar.

Directions - Preheat oven at 220'C. Sift flour and salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and pour cream and lemonade into it. Mix with a knife until the mixture comes away from the bowl. Pour out onto surface coated with flour and knead for about 5 minutes. Roll into a rectangle of about 1 inch thickness. Cut into 2 inch squares and arrange closely together (with a teensy bit of gap in between) on tray lined with greased baking paper. 

Recipe says bake at 220'C for 10-12 minutes but I preheated the oven at that temperature and baked at 200'C for 25-30 minutes. Best bake at 22 minutes and check, before baking for another 5-8 minutes. Or simply, bake until golden brown.

OK, they don't particularly look good here.

I baked them for 20 minutes at 200'C the first time, and realised that they weren't well cooked inside. So back into the oven they went, for another 10 minutes.

Much better.

These scones are light and you can smell the hint of cream in the air while they're baking in the oven.

A shame we didn't have clotted cream and strawberry jam with a bone china tea cups to fit the picture, so we made do with raspberry jam and cream and mugs of coffee.

Still fab. 
They tasted soooooo much better than my 1st attempt, which were dense.

This weekend's project: a vegan vanilla cake.


  1. great tip - sparkling water. my last attempt was disastrous as it was so hard! will try this soon.. :)

    1. This one is really fluffy, as they say the bubbles from the lemonade / sparkling water adds air to the batter. If you use sparkling water, maybe you want to add 1.5 tsp of icing sugar, instead of 1 tsp - it needs just a wee bit more sweetness.

      Overall, however, I would simply recommend this simple recipe. :)

  2. OK... will try get my lazy butt moving and follow the recipe and enchant my family with my scones baking prowess. ;)

    1. you can have your son make vanilla ice cream to go with the scones? mmmm

  3. Sedaaaapnyaaaa. It even looks very warm...and inviting!
    My anak like to bake scones, using this kiddie cookbook I beli kat big bad wolf...triangle shaped scones. Very nice also. I feel fortunate that I have a boy who likes to bake...because I sure don't like to, but I like to eat lah. Hehe.

    1. that's so cool!
      last time when i was younger pun, i just want to makan only, never bothered about learning how to cook. :)

  4. See, now I'm gonna have to bug the wife to makes me scones. If I get walloped, it's all your fault!

    1. it's your fault that now i wanna eat scones, too!!

      actually, i feel like eating brownies.