Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

Holy cow, it's the month of May!

How time flies.
I found some chocolate eggs at the passenger's door in the car that Easter weekend.
The hubs put them there to 'surprise' me!

April flew by in a flurry. I'm not sure what happened, really. I must have spent too much time recovering from the Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon!

With nothing much happening, we volunteered at TrailsPlus' Brimbank Urban Trail Run last weekend. The race director must have been worried to have us as his newbie vollies (I am picking up some Aussie slangs here!) and good gawd, I'm sure he received a couple of complaints about this bimbotic girl who fumbled BIG TIME!

The marathon runners about to head off at 8.30am.

I was expecting to be briefed before we headed off to our station but we found our instructions in the box. Setting up our aid station was a bit stressful as the wind was blowing the paper cups and containers away, but we eventually managed to shield the wind with the water containers.

I am too embarrassed to share my fumbles here, but I do apologise to any of the runners who were probably annoyed with me that day - I didn't know anything! I was so concerned with the table setting that I failed to register the details of the run itself. My bad.

Most of the runners were really nice, and it was amazing that some of them went out to say more than a few words.

You know how most of us will just mutter a "Thanks!" and head off back into our run? Some of them actually said to us, "Thank you so much for being here today!"

Awww ...

Some spent some time chatting with us and munching the food available. I had brought my own supply of chocolate (to share) and it was surprisingly a hit!

I realised, upon hindsight, that the sign should have been placed at the edge of the table,
and not on top. D'oh!
Our aid station was a central, where the half marathoners would make a u-turn and head back the finish. The ultra and marathoners would go past us and head off to another aid station before turning back and come by us again, before heading to the finish line.

A few runners asked us for some Coke, and I had to apologise that we didn't have any. Some of them stared at us in disbelief, suspicious, as if maybe we had some stashed away but not letting them have any.

I found out later that every aid station had Coke except ours!
Whaaaaat ...

Anyway, running aside, the weather is getting rather chilly these days. It doesn't help that the building we're staying is old and most likely not very well insulated. It's colder indoors than outside!

I'm not supposed to complain about the cold (since the crazy heatwave in January showed me just how terribly hot it can get), but it's really miserable! 

I don't like going into the bathroom or washing my hands, or even getting out of bed to get changed, or even hopping into bed (unless the electric blanket warms it up just a little), and especially feeling hungry all the time!

The only time I forget about the cold is when I'm having hot soup noodles for dinner (it's happening quite regularly these days) or am bundled up and running along the trails.

Crap, am I talking about running again?

Well, I have a fancy dress running event coming up in a few weeks and the theme is Superheroes or Supervillains. I have been looking for something easy to assemble and to run in, but it still looks like I've got to do some shopping and sewing!


  1. A pitchfork and a pair of horns on your head. That should do the trick. The Speed Demon. Only I don't know if that'll be categorized a super hero or a super villain.

  2. be more specific - what colours??
    haha i'd rather be a villain!

  3. Echoing your red highlights! I was super surprised to receive the same greeting when I helped out at CP2 of the HK Vibram in January.