Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday 2014

Everyone knows I share the same birthday as David Beckham. What I didn't realise was that The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) also shared the same birthday!

It was a quiet affair, really. I did check my mailbox, hoping someone would send me a birthday card, but nope, no such luck. :(

I decided to make my own birthday cake, a mille crepe, which I am not going to attempt again until someone needs fattening up! The pastry cream was too die for but a bit runny, and my crepes were too thick.


We only managed to finish half of it (I ate the most of it), before chucking it out after 3 days. This is what happens when you're not friends with your neighbours - too much food wastage!

Dinner was a vege lasagna I made, just because I was craving some lasagna. :)

On Sunday (4th May), we attended the Lady of The Trail at You Yangs for an easy run. The hubs and I did our own run first before heading to Big Rock for the event.

Our run involved scrambling off the tracks into some wilderness just to see if the view was much better up there.

I am posing like how my MIL poses in photos!!!

The ladies ran while the men minded the children and barbeque. It was an easy run, covering about 14km in 2 hours. The ladies are actually way faster than I am, but the whole group stuck together, leaving no one behind. 

Sort of.

I will never believe them again when they tell me that they are slow runners - I would fall under their beginner category if that's how they defined slow!!

I tripped while attempting to take the lead somewhere midway through the run, and tripped not long after that. A few bloody cuts on my left hand but thankfully nothing serious.

So, I am not going to hijack the lead ever again - once bitten, twice shy! I shall remain where I belong, right at the back of the pack. ;)

The picnic spread was amazing, with plenty of food to go around. There were plenty of adorable kids running about as well, which made me all broody. A bit. Haha!

What I didn't expect was to have to blow out birthday candles.

There's a video of the entire proceedings, which captured my surprise. I was actually expecting it to be Anthony's birthday cake, as his birthday fell on the 6th.

The cake was sinful - a chocolate cheesecake from The Cheesecake Shop. None of the lady runners touched it! I was torn between looking like a glutton by having a slice (or two) and unappreciative of the birthday surprise, if I didn't. Sighhhhhhh.

So I had 1.5 slices.

Anyway, we had to take home the rest of it. Some of the kids and men ate some, so at least the cake was half eaten.

The only thing different this year was hearing my niece wish me a 'Happy Birthday' on the phone, but that's because my mum told her to say it. :)

Last year's birthday was spent at Wilson's Promontory. We rented a little cottage for 2 nights and hiked around the area. The owner's dog, Sharny was always coming around to visit us, hoping for a bit of cake.

And if you want to attempt a 100km event at Wilson's Prom, just check out the Running Wild's website. Bear in mind that it's a self supported run so you'll have to carry all your stuff with you!

Once again, thank you for all the birthday wishes! :)


  1. What a happy happy birthday, despite the chucking of that very nice cake. :P

    1. yeah, it was heart breaking! but i think the pastry cream can't be kept too long, anyway.