Thursday, July 30, 2009

joining the rat race.

after so much waiting, and even resorted to checking my office mail the whole night, finally they announced the shortlisted participants for the company's rat race team.
what the ...
it was supposed to be the final selection, not another freaking trial run this sunday!
so frustrating!
clashes with Adidas King of the Road in Shah Alam.
which i signed up at the last minute, like, yesterday.
will be seeing L again, and steph. *waves*
my knees are starting to grumble.
oh noes ... must take care and eat more calcium pills, quit coffee ...
uh-huh, quit coffee cos it erodes yr bones, yah.
tho it has anti-oxidants or something...
well, i wonder if i don't attend the trial on sunday, does that mean i won't be picked for the team?

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