Monday, July 13, 2009

ooh, it's now open!

registration for the singapore marathon 2009, that is!
hmmm ... am not so confident yet to be an eager beaver and sign up with an early bird discount.
on another note, yes,it IS rather boring to keep talking about running and hiking (and food), so head on to My Milk Toof for some awwwwwesomely cute pics and stories! =)
am still at work that it's not funny.
have no choice but to finish up my outstanding before i'm away for training/seminar on wed,thurs and friday!
p.s. ooh wow, my colleagues think i've lost an inch somewhere ... *hiaks. told them that it's just a cm and nothing more, cos it's true!
p.p.s man, it's stuffy in here. *gag*

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