Friday, July 24, 2009

kittie love.

it's not love, right?
when a kitten comes to you for attention, and just loves swirling around your legs, tickles your toes with their tongue ...
especially when it answers to your fake meows, rubs its cheek against your hand, wants to follow you home ...

came across a black kitten when i made my way back from the condo gym.
rushed down to snap a pic of it, with VK in tow (cos he came over so we could go to Pangkor Seafood Village restaurant together).
together we hunted for it.
i meowed for kittie to come.
saw a white one near some scaffoldings.

was about to climb across the hedge to get to it, til VK spotted the black one hiding in a dark corner.

"MEOW!" i said happily, and headed towards it instead.

made VK play with it, too. =D
failed in snapping a pic of it.
for some strange reason, its green eyes weren't awfully green.
oh well.

then my hands and feet become itchy.

so we went up to the swimming pool area to wash our hands at the toilet.
u thought we washed our hands in the pool ya!

came down the lift to wait for YB to come home at the lobby, but kittie was waiting for us.
"MEOW!" again i greeted it happily.

i mean, like so perasan (full of myself? =P) right, thinking kittie was waiting for me to play with it? hehe.

when we returned home from dinner, i made YB accompany me to search for it. almost couldn't find it, cos it was hiding behind a pillar. whee~!

kittie came out to play with us, loving our feet and playing hide and seek.
asked YB if we could bring it home for a night.
of course not!

so i made him stay with kittie while i went up to get some milk for it. =D

kittie happy with milk.
2 angmo ladies walked by and went "AWWWWWWW".

YB and i were hiding behind a pillar, not deliberately, of course.
when i stepped out of the shadows, one of the ladies was waiting for me, to give me that "AWWWW" look, her head tilted to one side.

ermm ... a bit creepy, right?
waiting for me to step out of the shadows, just to give me that look??

left Theo there for the night.
YB says it looks like a Theodore.
i said Theo would be good, as we both walked back to the apartment, my arm hooked in his.
like we did our good deed for the day. =D

*scratch scratch*
definitely fleas, mmkay!

had to shower AGAIN, before bedtime.

that was 2 nights ago.

bumped into Theo again last night!

went up to fiddled on facebook first before i finally dragged my arse down to bring it some milk again. but ho ho! we had company.

as i was approaching it, a samseng cat was having a face off with it. tried to scare it off, but failed. but i managed to let Theo (my, my, aren't we chummy! =P) slurp his milk, though he couldn't finish it.then he came to play with my foot.

and then the angmo lady from last night walked by. and stopped to observe us.she had that same "AWWWW" look on her face.

made small chat with her and discovered that she's in fact, a cat person.
no wonder the look. -___-
she tried playing with Theo, too. but he was ...
i found out that Theo is a she.
must change her name now. anyway, stupid samseng cat came and finished up her milk!hmmmfh.

too dark for a good pic of the kittie.

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  1. awww....... piffy .... that's so sweet lol

    thankss for popping by . i didn't know anyone still read as i've not found the time to update.

    shares are going alright lol . trying to be the next warren buffet :D

    you take care too.