Thursday, July 16, 2009

no basic or foundation

can cry, man.
struggling at this training seminar which my boss nominated me to attend.
really clueless.
it's Advanced Financial Analysis, and i can contribute shit all to the team.
they look at me while discussing their views as if i have a clue what they're saying.
only a young chap sitting beside me knows i'm lost.

i DID inform the boss that the training may not even be applicable to my current job scope but he took it as if i was being lazy and not interested in learning new things.
and i was really lost yesterday!
will continue to be lost today!
there are no easy notes on the basics of financial analysis i can find.

no way have i read a financial statement to understand whether the company is in need of a loan to boost his working capital or purchase of assets or something ... gah!!!

didn't do my homework, am so screwed.
not to say i don't want to learn ok, there's just too much to know.
like formulas.

i have NO accounting or finance background la, boss.
hence, i always calculate P&L impact wrongly innit! [P&L = profit and loss]



  1. Figures???!!!! Yiaks. There is a reason why we read law!!!

  2. ahh jane ... i guess things get easier once you understand a subject a bit more? law took us years ... so perhaps accounting and finance took other people some years, too! =)