Thursday, July 30, 2009

joining the rat race.

after so much waiting, and even resorted to checking my office mail the whole night, finally they announced the shortlisted participants for the company's rat race team.
what the ...
it was supposed to be the final selection, not another freaking trial run this sunday!
so frustrating!
clashes with Adidas King of the Road in Shah Alam.
which i signed up at the last minute, like, yesterday.
will be seeing L again, and steph. *waves*
my knees are starting to grumble.
oh noes ... must take care and eat more calcium pills, quit coffee ...
uh-huh, quit coffee cos it erodes yr bones, yah.
tho it has anti-oxidants or something...
well, i wonder if i don't attend the trial on sunday, does that mean i won't be picked for the team?

Friday, July 24, 2009

kittie love.

it's not love, right?
when a kitten comes to you for attention, and just loves swirling around your legs, tickles your toes with their tongue ...
especially when it answers to your fake meows, rubs its cheek against your hand, wants to follow you home ...

came across a black kitten when i made my way back from the condo gym.
rushed down to snap a pic of it, with VK in tow (cos he came over so we could go to Pangkor Seafood Village restaurant together).
together we hunted for it.
i meowed for kittie to come.
saw a white one near some scaffoldings.

was about to climb across the hedge to get to it, til VK spotted the black one hiding in a dark corner.

"MEOW!" i said happily, and headed towards it instead.

made VK play with it, too. =D
failed in snapping a pic of it.
for some strange reason, its green eyes weren't awfully green.
oh well.

then my hands and feet become itchy.

so we went up to the swimming pool area to wash our hands at the toilet.
u thought we washed our hands in the pool ya!

came down the lift to wait for YB to come home at the lobby, but kittie was waiting for us.
"MEOW!" again i greeted it happily.

i mean, like so perasan (full of myself? =P) right, thinking kittie was waiting for me to play with it? hehe.

when we returned home from dinner, i made YB accompany me to search for it. almost couldn't find it, cos it was hiding behind a pillar. whee~!

kittie came out to play with us, loving our feet and playing hide and seek.
asked YB if we could bring it home for a night.
of course not!

so i made him stay with kittie while i went up to get some milk for it. =D

kittie happy with milk.
2 angmo ladies walked by and went "AWWWWWWW".

YB and i were hiding behind a pillar, not deliberately, of course.
when i stepped out of the shadows, one of the ladies was waiting for me, to give me that "AWWWW" look, her head tilted to one side.

ermm ... a bit creepy, right?
waiting for me to step out of the shadows, just to give me that look??

left Theo there for the night.
YB says it looks like a Theodore.
i said Theo would be good, as we both walked back to the apartment, my arm hooked in his.
like we did our good deed for the day. =D

*scratch scratch*
definitely fleas, mmkay!

had to shower AGAIN, before bedtime.

that was 2 nights ago.

bumped into Theo again last night!

went up to fiddled on facebook first before i finally dragged my arse down to bring it some milk again. but ho ho! we had company.

as i was approaching it, a samseng cat was having a face off with it. tried to scare it off, but failed. but i managed to let Theo (my, my, aren't we chummy! =P) slurp his milk, though he couldn't finish it.then he came to play with my foot.

and then the angmo lady from last night walked by. and stopped to observe us.she had that same "AWWWW" look on her face.

made small chat with her and discovered that she's in fact, a cat person.
no wonder the look. -___-
she tried playing with Theo, too. but he was ...
i found out that Theo is a she.
must change her name now. anyway, stupid samseng cat came and finished up her milk!hmmmfh.

too dark for a good pic of the kittie.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

POTD - egg bacon salad.

that's my colleague's finger. we drove out of our training centre last friday to Salak Selatan for fish head noodles. i think it's the branch of Woo Hin Fish Head Noodle at Taman Danau Desa. could be, as the workers were wearing orange tshirts stating the names of these 2 restaurant/coffee shops.

my boss and colleagues always go to the Taman Danau Desa branch for lunch and i've yet to try it. frankly, at RM6 per bowl, it's reasonable, i guess. but the bones in the fried fish bits, is sooooo annoying!

note to self: order the fish paste noodles instead. less hassle.

Picture of the Day: monday's dinner was butterhead lettuce sprinkled with hard boiled eggs and bacon bits. dressing: sweet onion relish. result: yum!

i told you my neighbour tortured with me with smells of fried bacon for 2 days in a row last week! hence, i hunted for bacon in 2 supermarkets during the weekend before i found some at the last supermarket!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the 9k run.

i last mentioned that i was going to sign up on my own just to ensure that i keep on running, or i'd be contented munching on snacks at home.

and be a fat bum. =P

the Jog for Hope by Taylor's College @ Hartamas on 19th July was pretty small scaled, with an estimated 50 heads for both the men's and women's open category. we were there too early at 630am, and some of the runners were already warming up, jogging up and down a 200m distance for an hour or so. madness!

it was boring, waiting for 8am to arrive.

spotted: the Sarong Man. he was part of the run, too! he did, indeed run as you see him: sarong and barefooted. my gawd! super fit, i must say. he completed 6k about less than 30mins.

he even ran back (towards his car) and cheered some of us on. how embarrassing! i mean, i did struggle a bit, didn't i, with a stupid stitch on my left. boo =\

(pic was taken after the run =D)

honestly, the start up was not smooth at all. the suggested itinerary said that instructors from The Gym would have a warm up session with the participants at 730am and the speeches would be after the flag off. (well, who wants to listen to speeches when they are all pumped for the run? geez)

BUT, only at 750ak did the warm up session begin. and the first one made us (L, J and i) laugh. they began with the neck exercise, look up, look down, look left, look right.

erm why do i need to warm my neck up for a run? to make sure i'm not spraining my neck as i turn back to see whether the young fellas are catching up?

then came 8am and we were ready to get going.

but nooooooooo, they wanted speeches!

we were flagged off at 807am. the route is a slopey one, the first 5km i'd say. the remaining 4k was ok, not too bad. there were water stalls at every 2k and they'd even give you a small bottle of mineral water if you wanted. it was a hassle for me to hold on to it that i returned it at the next stall.

the goodies included a KUNTUM mag (so not appropriate for me!), GALAXIE mag, NST newspaper, a Gardenia chocolate bun, a canned drink, notepad ... and other things i don't really remember.

i shall just wear the tshirt at home ... =D
then came lunch with my sis, although i was just dying to crawl into bed and sleep the afternoon away. chilli's @ Midvalley always has a queue, so we gave up and proceeded to DELIcious instead. one thing is, you're always starving after a run!

so i had the green curry chicken with rice (and half a thai basil plant =P). it was ok, but didn't satisfy my palate. =\

my sister's smoked salmon sandwich looks absolutely delish under the spotlight. =)

dinner was at Berlin biergarten or something @ Mont Kiara Solaris which was absolutely disappointing. how can they serve pork knuckles without mashed potatoe and sauerkraut (spelt correctly, no?)? ridiculous! for RM68, hey, c'mon, i'd expect some side dishes mmkay!

and i kept yawning and yawning while waiting for VK and YB to finish up their 2nd pint of beer ...

p.s. secretly pleased with myself to have completed the 9k under 60mins! YB was initially apprehensive and doubtful whether i could complete the run in the first place. but HAH! so it was a sense of achievement, that even L was pleased with herself.

yeah, i know. my life is now all about running, yikes.

cheaper than a monthly gym membership, though! ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

no basic or foundation

can cry, man.
struggling at this training seminar which my boss nominated me to attend.
really clueless.
it's Advanced Financial Analysis, and i can contribute shit all to the team.
they look at me while discussing their views as if i have a clue what they're saying.
only a young chap sitting beside me knows i'm lost.

i DID inform the boss that the training may not even be applicable to my current job scope but he took it as if i was being lazy and not interested in learning new things.
and i was really lost yesterday!
will continue to be lost today!
there are no easy notes on the basics of financial analysis i can find.

no way have i read a financial statement to understand whether the company is in need of a loan to boost his working capital or purchase of assets or something ... gah!!!

didn't do my homework, am so screwed.
not to say i don't want to learn ok, there's just too much to know.
like formulas.

i have NO accounting or finance background la, boss.
hence, i always calculate P&L impact wrongly innit! [P&L = profit and loss]


Monday, July 13, 2009

ooh, it's now open!

registration for the singapore marathon 2009, that is!
hmmm ... am not so confident yet to be an eager beaver and sign up with an early bird discount.
on another note, yes,it IS rather boring to keep talking about running and hiking (and food), so head on to My Milk Toof for some awwwwwesomely cute pics and stories! =)
am still at work that it's not funny.
have no choice but to finish up my outstanding before i'm away for training/seminar on wed,thurs and friday!
p.s. ooh wow, my colleagues think i've lost an inch somewhere ... *hiaks. told them that it's just a cm and nothing more, cos it's true!
p.p.s man, it's stuffy in here. *gag*

what did i just do?

signed up for a 9km run next sunday and eeks!
drove on the route itself today and my, it is going to be a real challenge for me, those gradual inclines ... like 5 times.
and it does NOT look like 9km, but looks a bit longer...


i think i'll just sleep in that sunday. =D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

work smart, not hard!

@ bukit tabur

i love this picture, but it's not good enough to be published on facebook. =P so i decided to put it here, because it's a silly picture of an ant trying to push something immovable.

silly, silly!

me, jogathon?

back in the school days, i never participated in any school-organised events, especially jogathons. i'd be in bed sleeping. oh, wait! i did had to participate for an Anti-Dadah Campaign run with 3 other schoolmates when i was in Form 5, but man, i sucked. =P

but anyway, in conjunction of training for a half marathon, i've been checking out the pacesetter's list of events occasionally. next sunday, there's a Siemens Run 2009 at Dataran Merdeka and out of the blue, i found out that Taylor's College Hartamas are organising a Jog For Hope, charity for children with celebral palsy.

i asked a few people whether they were keen to support the event, since most of the serious runners would be at the Siemens Run 2009 and hey, this event may need some more support. well, donate if you're not running!

so L and i will be joining, since YB won't be around to accompany me. =) i'll prolly lose to her since she is the stronger one ... she can do more push ups than me!

but anyway, i'll have to focus on personal goals instead of 'losing' to L. aaaahhhhh the need to rid kiasu-ism is not an easy one! if you want to spread the word around, or make a donation!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

chee cheong fun or yong tau foo?

my regular days of visiting Sing Nam Coffee Shop in town (across from the Bar Council) dissipated since i left the legal profession.

but the few times i am in town at a branch office for a meeting or seminar, a colleague from another department would bring me and another colleague to Sing Nam for chicken chop @ RM9.

at the last visit, i chose yong tau foo for old times' sake ... =) ... and thought of robin and joanne.

this pic is for jo!

ahh, the good ol' days of yong tau foo and nescafe ais!