Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good But Tired!

YB and i joined a small running group yesterday morning for a run along the hartamas route (we should call ourselves Hartamas Runners, really!) and it was good fun!

it's so much fun to run with a group to start together, run together, finish together, and have breakfast together - but we couldn't join them for breakfast as we had other plans. there will be a next time!

(courtesy of KYK)

looking forward to our next run with them, although an uphill finish is not what we had in mind. my muscles are still aching from it ... and that's what i meant by buns of steel, my bum muscles hurt! (let's hope i'll have a smaller butt when this is all over!)

YB is tired of me sleeping, talking, eating and breathing FMT* on a daily basis. i tell him that hey, 4 months, ok, FOUR MONTHS to train for it is not even enough for us, especially when we KNOW we will get tired of being disciplined, the lack of rest during the weekends and the possibility of not clocking the requisite mileage for the week.

seriously, it's rather strange to be so focused on the FMT when i should be focusing on something else. tsk tsk. but i worry so much about failing my first ever marathon (IF it happens, since seasoned runners say you need to clock in more half marathons before you're comfortable to run a full) with cramps and blisters and lack of stamina and strength, this and that ... oh, and looking good for the paparazzi (hehe) ... so many worries keep floating around in my mind that in order to overcome it, i need to keep on running/training to appease some of my fears.

well, that's my way of dealing with it, i guess.

and having said all that, i have been wanting to do a 20km run but nooooo, i don't know when it's going to happen! *seriously bummed to the max*

i'm not even allowed to bring my running shoes on our holidays!! i'm so bummed!! i'm going to end up being FAT from all the glorious food. =(

*Full Marathon Training


  1. Never mind as much as you can now, before you start your training..early carbo loading mah. Haha. But happy to see you and YB at the run and so many of you all really made the run much more fun. The group is too small to be able to cater the carious speed of different runners, but it worked out ok on Sat. Tot u goin to sit down and talk about what u need to do for the next 4 mths?? Hehe.

  2. hellooooooooo, boss!
    10 days of not running but we're hoping to get back into routine, now that our holiday is over! only ran once when we were in london, hehe.

    congrats on your PB, and you may enjoy your holiday now! hehe