Sunday, September 5, 2010

San Terri's Green Tea Cake

i've only tried one of their cakes before, and it was almost 2 years ago. at that time, having discovered Just Heavenly, i wasn't too impressed with San Terri's Tiramisu. blek.

but their deco is really cute and nice - how not to attract the ladies' attention? i loved the box which kept my slice of Green Tea cake.

their Green Tea cake is apparently one of their bestsellers. i bought a slice to try, as YB's mum's birthday is coming up pretty soon and since they'll be down next weekend, heck, i needed to find a birthday suitable to their taste. (they're not very keen on the sweet stuff.)

YB likes it, and i was OK with just 3 bites. it didn't blow me away, nope, not my cuppa. their cream holds a few red beans and if you're lucky, you will taste them in your few mouthfuls.

it needs more red bean in the cream!

price per slice: RM6.50

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