Monday, September 27, 2010

Up in the air.

a super short one!

Off to London we went, on 15th Sept via Air Asia X. =D

thought the girl/woman was rather comfy, making herself at home!
and surely she knew i was snapping a picture of her?
hmmm ... i guess she was confident enough that she looked good for my camera! hehe.

lunch was served - nasi bryani AA style. it was so sad. but we ate it nevertheless, cos we were hungry.
(we pre-booked our meals, of course! and can you believe it, we didn't bring enough snacks for us when we were hungry mid-way our journey!)

the view was utterly amazing ... i think we were flying over Pakistan.

our breakfast was served 2 hours before landing.
it made me miss Village Park's nasi lemak!

we landed at London's Stanstead at around 730pm and it took us about an hour to get through UK Borders (immigration). the queue was once again, notoriously long.

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