Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kura at One World

Went for lunch on 12th Sept with YB and friends. we chose the Rakkuko Bento set to share between the both of us, and a Collagen Roll for everyone to share (but we ended up having everything to ourselves cos the other 2 didn't touch it!)

mushroom, yummmm. ;)

the mini ice cream rolls caught our eye on the menu so despite being stuffed, we HAD to order it.

of course, we were in shock when it came: it was small!!!!

BUT really nice! loved it!

Overall, Kura is just one of those restaurants part of the Rakuzen group or something. so so on taste. slightly more pricey compared to Rakuzen. i really need to find a better japanese restaurant for my sashimi cravings.