Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello to them Runners Part 2!

started off at 645am

Sunday's route was a tougher one, twice the distance (approx 16.33km) and with more slopes to tackle. I was reminded that yours truly was the one who choose to route and so, i felt awful that i was struggling at the beginning.

Not sure if it was due to the easy run the day before or i was just not warmed up enough, sigh.

The route was VERY busy with runners to the extent that an angmoh in a yellow Kelisa stopped to ask OKT and i whether a running event was happening at that very moment.

"Is there an event going on? I see so many people running on the roads today," a puzzled Hartamas resident asked.

"No, no," OKT and i replied.
"Just a regular running day for the runners in this beautiful Sunday morning weather!" i chirped in.
"Do YOU run?" OKT proceeded to ask.
"oh yeahhh yes i do," he nodded somewhat meekly, probably afraid we might judge him unfit. hehe.

"Join us next time!" OKT prompted.

He nodded unsurely and we waved goodbye.

I decided to skip the rest of the loop behind Petronas so i could get a bit more rest. =D

We tried to photobomb another group's photo session but failed! you can see my arm, though.

i am behind the guy in the red cap. =P
[pic courtesy of kkyum]

I felt much better after the break and as we proceeded up to Ayuria, it was funny to hear everyone's reaction to the steep slope. OKT exclaimed the loudest!

was pinpointed as the fella who wanted the uphill route. =P
[thanks for the great photography, KYK!]

But everyone lumbered on up, despite me trying to play devil's advocate to get them to u-turn back down instead of going up! But in the end, everyone made it to the top and took a break. it was nice coming downhill after that. =)

Next up was the Mont Kiara slope towards Solaris Mont Kiara which was nice and steady, compared to 'Ayuria hill' (YB and i initially named it Teru's Hill, cos Teru lives in one of the condos along the way. =) ... i think i will change it to "Ayu! Hill!")

The breeze in my face ... ahh, it was lovely.

It then began to POUR so we had to speed up but we were still caught in the downpour. i couldn't open my eyes properly to see where i was running and i thought to myself how useful a motorcycle helmet would be at that moment ...

It was quite a nice change to run in the heavy rain as it brought me back to childhood days of playing in the rain and having my mum yell at my sisters and i to get back into the house.

The only discomfort was the squishy squashy sounds coming from the inside of your shoes...

Random Runspiration Tips #1 & #2 For Beginners or in General:
(it worked for me!)

1. To avoid stitches on the left/right sides, stretch to the left and right during your warm ups before a run.

2. As you're running uphill, swing your arms more to propel you forward - it helps! I only found out about it during the Mizuno Wave Run. =D


  1. hey I recognise Cynthia and .. I think his name is Danny, he works with VW

  2. i think they are pretty much in the "serious runners" group! =)