Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miscellaneous Mobile Uploads

along Balestier Road, there was a shop beside our hotel selling rice dumplings 24 hours! bought 4 to try and i think it's not bad. $2.60 for the one with salted egg.

the view of the Sands from the Barrage. tried it with my phone but that's the best i could do!

was so excited when i saw the lovely waffle-cake thingy at Somerset stop. told YB we HAD to try something!

bought the blueberry yoghurt one. it was so disappointed! the waffle was like ... erm, no biggie. and the filling was the sugary type of sweetness. =(

lunch at a nearby food court, fried carrot cake.

the chicken rice stall at Margaret Drive's food court wasn't open so we settled for other stuff. YB wanted to show me Singapore's version of Hokkien Mee. which looked rather sad. =P

tricked into trying Bao Today's special deal for $3.80 - which was only applicable after 11am!

so our noodles was $4.80. the drink was sad sad sad.

thought of getting this as a new running skirt but YB said it was too bright!

it was one of those days at work where i didn't know what to have for lunch so i settled for a slice of cake from nearby.

i've always been curious about their carrot cake so i chose a slice that day. and sadly, it was not great. it was dry and hard, and there wasn't enough cream cheese frosting.

the B & B owners were creative with their old helmets. =)
do you know what that white thing on the right is?

a view of Angle Tarn as we trudged our way down the slopes in Lake District.

when it began to drizzle, YB insisted i put on his jacket while he put on my 7-11 plastic poncho. =P

stopped over for lunch. we were on the way to Leicester. didn't know what to eat as that highway stop had only 3 or 4 eateries. we opted for a salad and a sandwich from Marks & Spencers', and one Grande Latte with extra shot of expresso.

and i think this is the last pic of my crocheted mobile pocket before i lost it in the flight back to KL.

one of my main objectives (in life right no) is to taste the Magnum Gold. i spotted it somewhere but i couldn't remember. So i settled for the Double caramel.

it was sinfully gorgeous, although a tad bit sweet. ;)

hmmmmmmm i want another holiday!

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