Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hola to them Runners!

this morning's easy run was slow and easy for me. i couldn't even spot the boys after the first 1.5km =)

these days, the route is so popular with runners from various groups that after a while of familiarity, some will nod, wave or say hi to each group as they pass each other by. some don't, forever looking so serious.

i waved to a guy who looked familiar and because he added me as a friend on Facebook, without even knowing me in person. he took a while to wave back. i mentioned it to the boys later on and apparently the guy didn't wave back at them when they passed him by earlier on. (hehe, girl(s) power!)

there is a group we'd bump into either at Bukit Aman car park or at Petronas and they never seem approachable, which i find rather peculiar. they like to stare (i noticed that at Bukit Aman car park) which makes me uncomfortable. why don't you just say hi and start talking about the weather or the run, that would be an easy ice breaker?

anyway, the highlight of today's run was when we were running past Pappa Rich at Solaris Dutamas. supervisor(s) and workers were arranging the tables and chairs outside and out of the blue, the supervisor (i think) yelled at us, "Girls!" so i turned to look.

he waved both hands in the air at us, and so i waved back.

they were so pleased with the response that they were smiling from ear to ear. haha! i hope they have a nice day.

steph asked, "do you know them?"

she must think i was nuts, waving hi to whoever i met along the way.

that's because i know i'm going to bump into them again along Runner's Route*!

*because there are so many runners along the route. hehe.

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