Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twenty-One @ BSC

Some time ago (i can't remember whether it was in August or September), i purchased 2 vouchers from MyDeal's site, for a 50% off the set lunch. Despite having some reservations on the authenticity of the deals, i still recommended you people to check the site out. ;)

Of course, do bear in mind that you may end up splurging on its great deals too often!

As the vouchers expires on 31st October, i told YB that we had a date at twenty-one last Saturday. Do or die, we HAD to go there to utilise the vouchers.

We hard a hard time locating the place, to be honest, as we didn't do a prior research on its location before we arrived at BSC. The entrance to twenty-one is a secluded one, right beside Kuriya.

The place was empty when we arrived at 1240pm, and i was a bit worried then; what if the food wasn't good?

We were given the promotional set lunch menu (as stated on MyDeal's site) and we struggled to decide which dishes to choose. Why the struggle, you ask. It's because i can't eat too much beef/lamb/mutton/duck or i suffer from heatiness immediately!

We were served breadsticks and mini toasties with olive/mushroom pate (we think). *swoon* We love pate!

For appetisers, we chose the fried potato something with smoked salmon and spicy chicken something with something. I didn't take a picture of the menu, so i don't remember the names!

I enjoyed mine, YB liked mine, too. I liked his, YB preferred mine. I liked both! His is more on the oriental side, i would say, as i spotted long bean tempura and bean sprouts.

Then came the mains. I was conservative and went for the Spaghetti Aglio Olio Beef Bacon, Chilli, Coriander and Olive Oil. He had the Penne Tubes with Pesto Chicken and Tempura Eggplant ... Mine was nice and simple, with loads of bacon bits. i liked!

YB's penne was nice and creamy with occasional crunchy tempura eggplant bits, i liked it, too!

oh, man, by the time we finished our mains, we were contented. happy. then came the desserts.

Mine was the Baked Dark Chocolate Ganache with Warm Chocolate Cream, Lemon Curd and Chocolate Soil. i loved that the most! although it was rather sweet, but the tangy lemon helped to reduce some of it's sweetness.

YB's Mango Puree with White and Dark Chocolate Foam was definitely too sweet to our liking. but as i took slow spoonfuls to my mouth, it brought me back to the days when i was first in UK for university. i was introduced to the world of chocolate mousse and man, i went crazy.

And fat!

Anyway, i took some pictures of it's regular lunch menu and dinner menu for your perusal, just in case you'd like to check it out some other time:

*the dinner menu seems to be twice/thrice the price than their lunch.

hmmm, so that's how much my dessert cost!

lunchy lunch! =)

click to view!

drinky poo! ;)

YB and i will go back for the curry laksa with black noodles. we saw a lady having it while she had her lunch on her own. i was puzzled though, that she didn't finish her fruit juice.

normal price for the set lunch is RM45++.

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