Monday, September 27, 2010

Up in the air.

a super short one!

Off to London we went, on 15th Sept via Air Asia X. =D

thought the girl/woman was rather comfy, making herself at home!
and surely she knew i was snapping a picture of her?
hmmm ... i guess she was confident enough that she looked good for my camera! hehe.

lunch was served - nasi bryani AA style. it was so sad. but we ate it nevertheless, cos we were hungry.
(we pre-booked our meals, of course! and can you believe it, we didn't bring enough snacks for us when we were hungry mid-way our journey!)

the view was utterly amazing ... i think we were flying over Pakistan.

our breakfast was served 2 hours before landing.
it made me miss Village Park's nasi lemak!

we landed at London's Stanstead at around 730pm and it took us about an hour to get through UK Borders (immigration). the queue was once again, notoriously long.

Strawberry Cheesecake Noms

from Just Heavenly, Bukit Damansara.

Had this for lunch sometime in early Sept, because i didn't know what to have for lunch!

cheese was a bit too rich, but it was still good. 7.8/10 satisfaction! =P

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kura at One World

Went for lunch on 12th Sept with YB and friends. we chose the Rakkuko Bento set to share between the both of us, and a Collagen Roll for everyone to share (but we ended up having everything to ourselves cos the other 2 didn't touch it!)

mushroom, yummmm. ;)

the mini ice cream rolls caught our eye on the menu so despite being stuffed, we HAD to order it.

of course, we were in shock when it came: it was small!!!!

BUT really nice! loved it!

Overall, Kura is just one of those restaurants part of the Rakuzen group or something. so so on taste. slightly more pricey compared to Rakuzen. i really need to find a better japanese restaurant for my sashimi cravings.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doughnut Monster

Cute packaging is just too hard to resist! Taste wise, ok!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good But Tired!

YB and i joined a small running group yesterday morning for a run along the hartamas route (we should call ourselves Hartamas Runners, really!) and it was good fun!

it's so much fun to run with a group to start together, run together, finish together, and have breakfast together - but we couldn't join them for breakfast as we had other plans. there will be a next time!

(courtesy of KYK)

looking forward to our next run with them, although an uphill finish is not what we had in mind. my muscles are still aching from it ... and that's what i meant by buns of steel, my bum muscles hurt! (let's hope i'll have a smaller butt when this is all over!)

YB is tired of me sleeping, talking, eating and breathing FMT* on a daily basis. i tell him that hey, 4 months, ok, FOUR MONTHS to train for it is not even enough for us, especially when we KNOW we will get tired of being disciplined, the lack of rest during the weekends and the possibility of not clocking the requisite mileage for the week.

seriously, it's rather strange to be so focused on the FMT when i should be focusing on something else. tsk tsk. but i worry so much about failing my first ever marathon (IF it happens, since seasoned runners say you need to clock in more half marathons before you're comfortable to run a full) with cramps and blisters and lack of stamina and strength, this and that ... oh, and looking good for the paparazzi (hehe) ... so many worries keep floating around in my mind that in order to overcome it, i need to keep on running/training to appease some of my fears.

well, that's my way of dealing with it, i guess.

and having said all that, i have been wanting to do a 20km run but nooooo, i don't know when it's going to happen! *seriously bummed to the max*

i'm not even allowed to bring my running shoes on our holidays!! i'm so bummed!! i'm going to end up being FAT from all the glorious food. =(

*Full Marathon Training

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fish Head Noodles

Last Sunday we were in Uptown waiting for a shop to open to collect something. with nowhere in mind (uhmmm Village Park's nasi lemak would have been too much!) we tried Gou Lou's Fish Head Noodles.

at RM7.50 / RM8.50 for a bowl of fried fish head or steamed fish pieces noodles, there was no option for you to choose fried fish head AND fish paste noodles. you had to add the fish paste to your bowl, for an extra price, of course.

i certainly didn't expect the price to be RM3.00 for ... 3 pieces of fish paste. -____-

verdict? it was just ok. only go there when you're desperate for fish head noodles and some air conditioning!

San Terri's Green Tea Cake

i've only tried one of their cakes before, and it was almost 2 years ago. at that time, having discovered Just Heavenly, i wasn't too impressed with San Terri's Tiramisu. blek.

but their deco is really cute and nice - how not to attract the ladies' attention? i loved the box which kept my slice of Green Tea cake.

their Green Tea cake is apparently one of their bestsellers. i bought a slice to try, as YB's mum's birthday is coming up pretty soon and since they'll be down next weekend, heck, i needed to find a birthday suitable to their taste. (they're not very keen on the sweet stuff.)

YB likes it, and i was OK with just 3 bites. it didn't blow me away, nope, not my cuppa. their cream holds a few red beans and if you're lucky, you will taste them in your few mouthfuls.

it needs more red bean in the cream!

price per slice: RM6.50

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Couldn't Take Him Seriously

we parked in a housing area for lunch and this dog came out to bark at us furiously, yet wagging his tail.

i couldn't help but to laugh at him, cos he was looking so silly: one ear up and the other one flopped down. hehehe. i wished i had my camera so i could have zoomed in on him. =)