Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do i do?

do i even keep trying?
am i trying hard enough?
should i just give up?
what have i done to deserve this?

meanwhile, i'll keep on praying for her to see the light.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello to them Runners Part 2!

started off at 645am

Sunday's route was a tougher one, twice the distance (approx 16.33km) and with more slopes to tackle. I was reminded that yours truly was the one who choose to route and so, i felt awful that i was struggling at the beginning.

Not sure if it was due to the easy run the day before or i was just not warmed up enough, sigh.

The route was VERY busy with runners to the extent that an angmoh in a yellow Kelisa stopped to ask OKT and i whether a running event was happening at that very moment.

"Is there an event going on? I see so many people running on the roads today," a puzzled Hartamas resident asked.

"No, no," OKT and i replied.
"Just a regular running day for the runners in this beautiful Sunday morning weather!" i chirped in.
"Do YOU run?" OKT proceeded to ask.
"oh yeahhh yes i do," he nodded somewhat meekly, probably afraid we might judge him unfit. hehe.

"Join us next time!" OKT prompted.

He nodded unsurely and we waved goodbye.

I decided to skip the rest of the loop behind Petronas so i could get a bit more rest. =D

We tried to photobomb another group's photo session but failed! you can see my arm, though.

i am behind the guy in the red cap. =P
[pic courtesy of kkyum]

I felt much better after the break and as we proceeded up to Ayuria, it was funny to hear everyone's reaction to the steep slope. OKT exclaimed the loudest!

was pinpointed as the fella who wanted the uphill route. =P
[thanks for the great photography, KYK!]

But everyone lumbered on up, despite me trying to play devil's advocate to get them to u-turn back down instead of going up! But in the end, everyone made it to the top and took a break. it was nice coming downhill after that. =)

Next up was the Mont Kiara slope towards Solaris Mont Kiara which was nice and steady, compared to 'Ayuria hill' (YB and i initially named it Teru's Hill, cos Teru lives in one of the condos along the way. =) ... i think i will change it to "Ayu! Hill!")

The breeze in my face ... ahh, it was lovely.

It then began to POUR so we had to speed up but we were still caught in the downpour. i couldn't open my eyes properly to see where i was running and i thought to myself how useful a motorcycle helmet would be at that moment ...

It was quite a nice change to run in the heavy rain as it brought me back to childhood days of playing in the rain and having my mum yell at my sisters and i to get back into the house.

The only discomfort was the squishy squashy sounds coming from the inside of your shoes...

Random Runspiration Tips #1 & #2 For Beginners or in General:
(it worked for me!)

1. To avoid stitches on the left/right sides, stretch to the left and right during your warm ups before a run.

2. As you're running uphill, swing your arms more to propel you forward - it helps! I only found out about it during the Mizuno Wave Run. =D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hola to them Runners!

this morning's easy run was slow and easy for me. i couldn't even spot the boys after the first 1.5km =)

these days, the route is so popular with runners from various groups that after a while of familiarity, some will nod, wave or say hi to each group as they pass each other by. some don't, forever looking so serious.

i waved to a guy who looked familiar and because he added me as a friend on Facebook, without even knowing me in person. he took a while to wave back. i mentioned it to the boys later on and apparently the guy didn't wave back at them when they passed him by earlier on. (hehe, girl(s) power!)

there is a group we'd bump into either at Bukit Aman car park or at Petronas and they never seem approachable, which i find rather peculiar. they like to stare (i noticed that at Bukit Aman car park) which makes me uncomfortable. why don't you just say hi and start talking about the weather or the run, that would be an easy ice breaker?

anyway, the highlight of today's run was when we were running past Pappa Rich at Solaris Dutamas. supervisor(s) and workers were arranging the tables and chairs outside and out of the blue, the supervisor (i think) yelled at us, "Girls!" so i turned to look.

he waved both hands in the air at us, and so i waved back.

they were so pleased with the response that they were smiling from ear to ear. haha! i hope they have a nice day.

steph asked, "do you know them?"

she must think i was nuts, waving hi to whoever i met along the way.

that's because i know i'm going to bump into them again along Runner's Route*!

*because there are so many runners along the route. hehe.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miscellaneous Mobile Uploads

along Balestier Road, there was a shop beside our hotel selling rice dumplings 24 hours! bought 4 to try and i think it's not bad. $2.60 for the one with salted egg.

the view of the Sands from the Barrage. tried it with my phone but that's the best i could do!

was so excited when i saw the lovely waffle-cake thingy at Somerset stop. told YB we HAD to try something!

bought the blueberry yoghurt one. it was so disappointed! the waffle was like ... erm, no biggie. and the filling was the sugary type of sweetness. =(

lunch at a nearby food court, fried carrot cake.

the chicken rice stall at Margaret Drive's food court wasn't open so we settled for other stuff. YB wanted to show me Singapore's version of Hokkien Mee. which looked rather sad. =P

tricked into trying Bao Today's special deal for $3.80 - which was only applicable after 11am!

so our noodles was $4.80. the drink was sad sad sad.

thought of getting this as a new running skirt but YB said it was too bright!

it was one of those days at work where i didn't know what to have for lunch so i settled for a slice of cake from nearby.

i've always been curious about their carrot cake so i chose a slice that day. and sadly, it was not great. it was dry and hard, and there wasn't enough cream cheese frosting.

the B & B owners were creative with their old helmets. =)
do you know what that white thing on the right is?

a view of Angle Tarn as we trudged our way down the slopes in Lake District.

when it began to drizzle, YB insisted i put on his jacket while he put on my 7-11 plastic poncho. =P

stopped over for lunch. we were on the way to Leicester. didn't know what to eat as that highway stop had only 3 or 4 eateries. we opted for a salad and a sandwich from Marks & Spencers', and one Grande Latte with extra shot of expresso.

and i think this is the last pic of my crocheted mobile pocket before i lost it in the flight back to KL.

one of my main objectives (in life right no) is to taste the Magnum Gold. i spotted it somewhere but i couldn't remember. So i settled for the Double caramel.

it was sinfully gorgeous, although a tad bit sweet. ;)

hmmmmmmm i want another holiday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twenty-One @ BSC

Some time ago (i can't remember whether it was in August or September), i purchased 2 vouchers from MyDeal's site, for a 50% off the set lunch. Despite having some reservations on the authenticity of the deals, i still recommended you people to check the site out. ;)

Of course, do bear in mind that you may end up splurging on its great deals too often!

As the vouchers expires on 31st October, i told YB that we had a date at twenty-one last Saturday. Do or die, we HAD to go there to utilise the vouchers.

We hard a hard time locating the place, to be honest, as we didn't do a prior research on its location before we arrived at BSC. The entrance to twenty-one is a secluded one, right beside Kuriya.

The place was empty when we arrived at 1240pm, and i was a bit worried then; what if the food wasn't good?

We were given the promotional set lunch menu (as stated on MyDeal's site) and we struggled to decide which dishes to choose. Why the struggle, you ask. It's because i can't eat too much beef/lamb/mutton/duck or i suffer from heatiness immediately!

We were served breadsticks and mini toasties with olive/mushroom pate (we think). *swoon* We love pate!

For appetisers, we chose the fried potato something with smoked salmon and spicy chicken something with something. I didn't take a picture of the menu, so i don't remember the names!

I enjoyed mine, YB liked mine, too. I liked his, YB preferred mine. I liked both! His is more on the oriental side, i would say, as i spotted long bean tempura and bean sprouts.

Then came the mains. I was conservative and went for the Spaghetti Aglio Olio Beef Bacon, Chilli, Coriander and Olive Oil. He had the Penne Tubes with Pesto Chicken and Tempura Eggplant ... Mine was nice and simple, with loads of bacon bits. i liked!

YB's penne was nice and creamy with occasional crunchy tempura eggplant bits, i liked it, too!

oh, man, by the time we finished our mains, we were contented. happy. then came the desserts.

Mine was the Baked Dark Chocolate Ganache with Warm Chocolate Cream, Lemon Curd and Chocolate Soil. i loved that the most! although it was rather sweet, but the tangy lemon helped to reduce some of it's sweetness.

YB's Mango Puree with White and Dark Chocolate Foam was definitely too sweet to our liking. but as i took slow spoonfuls to my mouth, it brought me back to the days when i was first in UK for university. i was introduced to the world of chocolate mousse and man, i went crazy.

And fat!

Anyway, i took some pictures of it's regular lunch menu and dinner menu for your perusal, just in case you'd like to check it out some other time:

*the dinner menu seems to be twice/thrice the price than their lunch.

hmmm, so that's how much my dessert cost!

lunchy lunch! =)

click to view!

drinky poo! ;)

YB and i will go back for the curry laksa with black noodles. we saw a lady having it while she had her lunch on her own. i was puzzled though, that she didn't finish her fruit juice.

normal price for the set lunch is RM45++.

Other reviews:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Heat Wave at UPM

It's been 2 months since our last competitive run and we felt like inexperienced newbies all over again as we struggled to get out of bed to get ready for the run on Sunday morning.

It was our first time joining the Mizuno Wave Run 2010 at UPM, and we expected the waves of slopes along the 11km route as forewarned by many, and the exceptionally huge one at the last km.

I thought we were early but i guess we weren't early enough! we parked so far that we had to walk 1.5km to the starting point, and that took time! we took it as our warm up jog but by the time we arrived at the mini stadium, we needed the loo.

I thought i was hydrated enough but i was wrong. the first few minutes into the race, i knew i was doomed. my throat was parched. i panted like mad and was on the verge of swearing loudly to demand for water THAT instant.

When i finally arrived at the 1st water station, 1 cup wasn't enough but as i had already sped off, i had to trudge on and prayed for the next water station to be near.

But it wasn't. it was very very very far. Well, i felt that it was.

So i had to continue moving my legs.
"Be a machine!" was chanting in my head and focused on the finish, BUT i also half contemplated on giving up and forget about the PB because it was too hot! But every time i looked at my watch and my target, i was somehow on track which i found rather puzzling. i thought i was shites!

Then in my head i'd go, "Oh! i guess i have to move on and try to hit it, then!"

It was a "might as well" moment.

I mean, i was pleased to be on track, seriously. it was a great feeling. =D

But after the 2nd water station, come the 7 - 8km mark, i also felt like, "screw the PB! i just want to finish the race! get me outta this heeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat!!"

It was only when i reached the 10km mark that i was off my target by a minute, and i knew that with the impending slope ahead, it would be impossible to reach my PB. Secretly i felt pretty gutted, but i just couldn't push myself to scale the slope like a gazelle. (ok, i didn't want to push myself ... mebbe i was scared, i dunno.)

spot me! [picture is courtesy of pmtey]

I felt more like a lumbering hippo with a fat arse.

The minute i reached the top, i was so glad to see the stadium in sight. woooo!

And as i crossed the finish line, I made sure i smiled at the cameramen so i could have a good photo on my cert! (But knowing me, i will look like a true hippo in it!)

Got a medal, too. yay!

And then i despaired at my timing. *big sigh*

But let's be happy see how far i've come after a year plus of running:
1. I can now set a consistent pace to follow and achieve. YAY.
2. My posture is not as constipated as before, but still needs straightening up A LOT.
3. At the 10km mark, my time was sub-60! *pleased to the max*
(which meant that i spent too long coping with the final km!)
4. My body is not in so much agony after a run - either i recover faster now, or i wasn't pushing myself hard enough! (what if i underestimated myself? <--- a question that always bugs me)

The things that i simply cannot change:
1. My fat round face in photos.
2. My elephant thighs in photos.

i always look atrocious in running photos!! [pic nicked from chuah]
bet you want to laugh at those who actually said i dah kurus, right? hehe.


Malakoff 12km, anyone?

On another note, do you remember i mentioned an aunty/grandma who is SO consistent with her 10k timing? For 2 years in a row she does it sub-60 for the SCKLM and Jeff and i have always been in awe of her.

So i spotted her at yesterday's event while i was waiting for YB to cross the finish line and head towards the Revive stall. As i stood under the shade holding 2 cups of Revive for YB, she was there, clearly waiting for someone.

I pondered to myself, "Hmmm, shall i say hi? will she think i'm crazy?" and shuffled my feet closer to her.

And then i'd stop and decide otherwise. (Yeah, i can be shy, ok!)

And after a while, i shuffled my feet towards her again, waiting for an opportunity to say hi.

I was still 2 metres away.

Then i got bored waiting for YB and i said, "screw it! i shall march up to her and say hi!"

But somehow i ended up walking past her and stood behind her, pretending to search for a familiar face in the queue at the Revive stall. i was facing her back.

After probably like 15mins or so, i decided to tap her on the shoulder.

She turned.

"Hi Auntie!!!" I chirped.

"I am Yvonne," and shook her hand. (Auntie was damn puzzled at this point.)

"I just wanted to say that you're my role model for the 10k! I want to be like you! I want to do sub-60! I always see you at the Stand Chart KL Marathon!"

Auntie smiled and layan me, prolly thought i was cuckoo.
"Have you been running for long? Many years? I hope to be like you!"
"Must I lose weight and be as thin as you?"
"How often do you run?"
"Do you join running events regularly?"
"How about last week, the Nike KL vs SG one?"
"Yeah! Nowadays it's so commercialised! Not cheap! RM50 registration fee!"
"And only got a figurine! No medal!"
"Last time got PJ Half Marathon eh!"
"Yah, those days runs were for family get-togethers! Nowadays so competitive hor!" I'd nod furiously and smile.

"I've only been running a year! But i want to be as good as you!"
"My first time at Mizuno! Last km was hard for me!"

Amidst my non-stop chattering like a siao char bo, she did reply my questions oh so softly.

I learnt that she's been running for years and she used to be better during her hey days. ;)
she runs at the taman behind her house.
she says i'm fine, too thin not good! very weak! maintain!
she advised me to continue running and i WILL get better one day! (i joked that it'll take me 4 years to be as good as her!)
nowadays running events aren't fun any more as everyone is SO competitive!

*grins madly*

YB came across us and i excitedly told him, "HEY!!! REMEMBER HER? my role model!!!!"

YB thought i was demented. he said that to me after we said goodbye to Auntie.

I can imagine if Auntie had a Facebook account, her status yesterday would have been, "Was stalked by this CRAZY young lady who cornered me and pestered me with running questions! Refused to leave me in peace! Kids these days!"

yep, it was straight to Uptown for Village Park's nasi lemak! we saw 2 guys from the MWR.

i think i'm done with Village Park's nasi lemak. i found the sambal and the fried chicken on the salty side.

and i finally got my badminton racquest re-strung! yay!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lunch at Ole Bali

Took a colleague to Solaris mont kiara cos I didn't know where to go. Tried the honey lime papaya juice for the first time ... Hmmm I think the lime was overpowering.

Never had much of a chance to catch up with him on a one to one basis, so it was a nice lunch.=)