Saturday, March 16, 2013

But I Have To Run!

Last week, the BFF and I were arranging to meet up for dinner before I whizzed off to Lake Kenyir for the triathlon. She suggested Friday night for dinner and the first thing that I blurted out was, "But I have to run!"

Ten minutes later, I told her that it was cool, we could meet up on Friday.

I mulled over my hesitation in meeting up with my best friend. It definitely reflected poorly on me and I was not impressed with myself.

Again, just recently, friends have been asking me to come out for drinks and catch a movie and I'm sure you'll be able to predict my answer, "But I have to run!"

I'm sure they are pretty frustrated with me by now.

If I do sound completely obsessed with running and running and MORE running, do bear with me as it is 3 weeks to MWM. 22 days to be exact, including Race Day.

3 weeks to go, with this coming weekend being the last week to hit the highest long run mileage at 32-35KM.

With 3 weeks to go, it's like studying for an exam, putting in the hours of practising and practising and hoping for the best, that you won't screw up on Exam Race Day. All I can do right now is to stick to my training schedule (4-5 days of running), eat right (I am failing miserably in this department) and get enough rest (also failing miserably in this department) and you're right to say that I'm just tired of everything right now.

I just want to sleep in on weekends, wake up in time for brunch.
I mean, sleep in on one of the days.
A run during the weekend is sadly unfortunately, compulsory or I won't be able to enjoy my meals without guilt swallowing me up.

Next weekend is the last of my weekend long runs and the following weekend is reserved for a 16KM tapering run.

My heart beats faster as I count down to Race Day.

I study my training schedule almost on a daily basis every now and then, just to see if I can complete my runs early in order to fit in dinner or drinks appointments, without compromising my training.

Sticking to my training schedule as much as possible is very important to me right now because...

I mean, how do I explain it to everyone without sounding obsessed?

1. I am dependent on it as a structure towards completing my 3rd marathon. I'm hoping to do slightly better than the last one.
2. It will be my 1st time running a marathon without the hubby participating and knowing he'll be waiting for me at the finish line. *sniff* (I did not and am not requesting for supporters to wait for me at the finish line because I don't want them to see me in case I cry!)
3. The last marathon was miserable and torturous that I hope to avoid going through the same shit again.
4. The route is hilly and goodness knows that I suck at hills. My legs are still not strong enough to tackle them with a vengeance.

It's true when they say sometimes marathon training is a lonely thing. You can either run with like-minded people or do it on your own. 

I have been doing most of my runs (especially the long ones) on my own for the past 2 months and I have to admit that I enjoy every bit of it. I don't have the distraction of keeping up or leaving friends behind when I'm on my own and I can easily focus on my breathing, pace, running form and let my mind go on its walkabout.

Music keeps me company and drowns out what reservations I have about not being able to complete my targeted distance for the day. (The most annoying song I have on my iPod is "We Like To Move It", especially that line, "Physically fit! Physically fit!")

I enjoy these lonely long runs so much that I'm starting to worry whether I am turning into a recluse.

And the best part after my long runs is that I don't have an inkling where my mind had gone during the last 2-3 hours. I have developed a really fantastic goldfish memory!

I do feel bad that my non-running friends usually begin their conversation with me this way:

Running this weekend?
Eh, woman! Free for breakfast? Or are you running?
How's your running? Any upcoming events?
Hmmfh! Everyday I see you mention 'running' on Facebook!
Run run run, everyday also run! Not bored meh?
So, what's your plan this weekend? Running?

I do my best to turn around to ask them about their weekend plans instead, so as to not bore them about my running woes. :D

Three more weeks, just give me 3 more weeks!
After that, I will take a few days off to rest.
And have 2 pints of beer Kilkenny.

Then the vicious cycle begins again.

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Next marathon - Nestle Fitnesse Malaysia Women Marathon
Next marathon - Melbourne Marathon Festival 2013

Update: I have adjusted my marathon target from 4:30 to 4:50 5:00 due to my conscience telling me that the route will not make it easy for me to achieve 4:30. So I will settle for a sub-5 instead, and secretly hope it will be a 4:45 4:50... at most.


  1. 3rd one will be for you and you alone!

    1. yeah, for being a sadist for signing up for a tough marathon :)

  2. Trust in yourself and your training girl. We're all sure you will Zoom pass lots of ppl :)

  3. Runners really have no life other than running, running and more running.

    You'll do fine, 4:30 is easily within your reach. And I second, Jamie's comment.

    1. I have revised it to 5:00!
      Feel less pressured that way. keke

  4. I am guilty of making my husband adjust our time according to whether I'll be running or not...

    First question when I call him before he picked me up daily would "are you running tonight?"
    running means early & light dinner for the family
    no running - can take time to return home.

    All the best for the sub4:30! :)

    1. Thanks, Lina. I've revised it to 5:00 and leave 4:30 for an easier marathon. Today's LSD had Reality (in the shape of hills) slapping me in the face. :\

      My hubby and I had the same situation before, "Eh, are we running tonight? Lazy lah. Feel like eating out." and so forth!

    2. Aiyo! 5:00 is so last marathon timing la! *pressure pressure* LOL

  5. Hi Yvonne,
    Came across your blog from a friend's blog (Lina), and have been reading quite a few entries. Very enjoyable :D
    I run alone a lot too. My running schedule evolves around my family...many times I just make do with running around the neighbourhood, at night. MWM will be my first FM and I am starting to feel nervous...!
    And somehow I can't wait to get this over and done with.

    All the best to us! :) -Millie-

    1. hiya Millie!
      all the best to you too and don't be too nervous ya! :)
      as long as you've got your mileage sorted, you're capable to see through to the finish line. good luck!!

      p.s. tell me about it! so tired dah!