Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hakata Ippudo and TWG @ Pavilion, KL

Hakata Ippudo
Lot C4.07.00
Connection Level 4
Pavilion, KL

Outside where the cinema and Chatime is located.

I didn't know what the big fuss was about when it was first launched. Everyone was so excited, announcing that alas, they need not go all the way down to Singapore just for Ippudo's ramen.


The decor. Huge rectangle table situated in the middle.

So apparently it's a ramen bistro, serving pork-based ramen (tonkatsu) with its signature delicate creamy broth, which may require long hours of simmering in order to reach a certain level of yummy-ness.

I think.
(Please don't quote me!)

Tables/booths by the side.

I am not very well-versed with ramen nor do I understand what's so impressive about it (in general). I can't stand it when people ooh over bowls of ramen, when I just think they're instant noodles.

Yeah, I am really clueless.

After flipping through the menu over and over again, I settled for the karaka-men, a spicy version of the Tonkatsu broth with noodles, topped with ground pork and spicy Karaka miso.

Karaka-men - RM28

Kinda spicy but not too bad. I was quite disappointed with the toppings. I was hoping for loads more stuff, to be honest.

Taste wise, the broth was delicious.

Shiromaru - RM26

The BFF opted for the non-spicy one, Shiromaru one which would be topped with belly chasu, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions.

Akamaru - RM28

Her hubby opted for something which requires long hours of simmering for perfect broth or something ... and I am more unimpressed that MY CHOICE of ramen had no egg in it.


Overall, broth/soup were tasty. Our only concern was that our ramen would not sufficiently fill us up.

Pan-fried gyoza - RM15.

I guess the food wasn't too bad, and we were kinda full. Just nice without overeating.

However, we found the music was a bit loud for us, giving off a fast-food restaurant kind of vibe, as well as the the loud greetings from the waitresses/waiters as patrons entered the place to be seated. We had to huddle a bit closer and raise our voices slightly in order to have a conversation.

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P2.11.00, 2.34.01 & 2.34.02, Level 2
Pavilion, KL

TWG Tea is located behind (or somewhere near Godiva). At first glance, the place looked posh and 'atas' that I wanted to turn around find some place else for dessert.

We brought to our table where we rested our delicate derrieres on comfy armchairs. I looked around the place and decided yep, at second glance, it was indeed a posh place.

It was quiet and solemn that I felt like I was taken back into time where back in the olden London days posh cafes were possibly known as salons.

Or saloons? :P

TWG Tea boast of a bountiful variety of tea which knocked us into our seats. Hundreds of tea!

And how do we differentiate them all?

Some of them had funny names too!

The BFF and I shared a pot of Golden something tea (RM18 per pot).

We ordered a plain croissant served with tea jelly and whipped cream (RM9) which was served to us cold and hard that the BFF simply insisted they replace it with something edible.

The waitress later on returned the croissant to us, heated up.
Much better.

TWG Tea are well-known for their macarons, sold at RM4 per piece. We selected the Moroccan Mint Tea (white), Lemon Bush Tea (yellow) and 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant (pink).

Cute rounded spoon and fine bone china.

We giggled as we sipped our tea, holding our teacups as delicately as possible. You know, so prim and proper that your little pinky finger sticks out?

Something like that.

But it didn't last. I just felt like an oaf!

He ordered a pot of Darjeeling (RM18).

That brass/copper cover is to keep the teapot warm. We took a peek into it and was disappointed to note that there were no tea leaves in the pot so we could ask for a refill. :D

We noted that each pot served about 3 - 4 cups of tea.

They were nice, I must admit. But *gasp* I still cannot accept the price tag to each pot. :P

The croissant was nothing to shout about, nor did I think there was anything fantastic about the tea jelly and whipped cream. Sigh. I must have either been tired or am just not classy enough to enjoy such delicacies.

The macarons on the other hand, were a delight. They were not like the usual icky sicky sweet ones you'll find easily available at many stores or bakeries these days. Its meringue shells are perfectly smooth (as they should be) which reflect how skillful the maker / baker is.

I enjoyed the blackcurrant flavour one, compared to the minty one (which reminded me of toothpaste) or the lemony one.

I'd suggest a box of macarons as a lovely gift for someone!
(My birthday is around the corner. :D)

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  1. Ooooo I like the posh tea joint... (did you indulge in the equally posh choc joint nearby?) :-)

  2. we were so out of place there and the waitress was probably thinking "wtf...order 1 pot of tea to share, so kiamsiap gui'. lol

  3. Hmmmm. The tea's not my cuppa so I'll just stick to the Ramen. Tell you what, I'm gonna go Osaka come May so I'll take some pics and note and do a comparison on the Real Deal vs the Imported one. ;)