Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Piffle

Too many thoughts and so little time to pen them all down. :)

The week, once again, flew by so quickly and here we are, it's Friday night.

My mind keeps working in a crazy frenzy that I wish, oh how I wish, I was quick enough to write them down somewhere. But when you're at the office and you are on the company's payroll, I don't think I can steal some time to write in my diary, if I had one.

We received our bonus letter today and some colleagues were disappointed and the others (like me) just shrugged it off to say, "It's better than nothing."

I'm just glad that it wasn't as bad as I expected, but I also do feel sorry for some colleagues who are receiving less than they deserve.

Anyway, April is going to be a brand new month, kicking Phase 1 of Transition into position. 

I am nervous to bits.


There will be so many things to do and so little time, and as Transition draws nearer and nearer, my heart gets heavier and heavier. Emotions may work overdrive so do bear with me.

Just this morning I was wondering if I was suffering from PMS as I have been a tad bit too emotional to my liking.

Ah peks at petrol station
were looking at me funny!

For instance, after my 11KM run yesterday morning, I was stifling sobs (???) while driving home from Desa Park City. I thought to myself, "WHAT ON EARTH is wrong with you, woman!!!!!"

Just because my legs were sooooo exhausted and were not sufficiently recovered to tackle an intended 14KM run, I was on the verge of sobbing my eyes out?



Yeah, go roll your eyes at me but I swear I was wiping away a few tears whilst I waved goodbye to the security guard at the entrance gate.

I was wallowing in self-pity as to how on earth did I get myself into this full marathon rubbish again. I mean, WHY did I have to choose a super hilly route to target a 4:30 5:00? Why couldn't I have chosen a chilly place like Gold Coast Airport Marathon, yeah? Most importantly, why did I break our pinky promise?

I was already envisioning myself in excruciating pain as I hobble my way through 42.195KM worth of road this 7th April. Oh my gawd.

Now I wish I had a pacer to keep me company...
But then again, I may get annoyed and irritated with he/she halfway through the run and to be stuck together with each other for 5 hours may just test my patience!

Sad smiley spotted!
Anyway, the moping didn't go away.

Just this morning I was just moping about ... I don't know.

I was just plain glum and wanted a big hug to eat something unhealthy for lunch sleep at my desk but the boss returned early from lunch so there went the plan.

The craving for fast-food was there this evening as I drove home from work, but no no no, I focused on getting home to my lovely leftover dinner which I had prepared last night.

My bbq pulled chicken with roasted vege rocks, by the way. Awesome stuff!

Roasted vege (shitake mushroom rocks!!!) and you see more pineapple cubes in the pulled chicken.

It would have been fantastic if I had paired it with a glass of wine and ice-cream thereafter, but I was too stuffed and my inner thighs were telling me that I am pretty much bloated so quit the pigging out, madam.

Yesterday's ice-cream didn't help either.

The flavour of the day at New Zealand Natural was frozen berry something something, which honestly was a waste of calories for me.

I didn't enjoy it and thank goodness it was only 1 scoop!

The lady over the counter did ask if I wanted to have 2 scoops, and somehow that question took me off-guard. 

"You mean... I can have two scoops?" I asked.


So, what would you like my next post to be about?
My road trip to Lake Kenyir?
Kinda useful tips for your first half-marathon / full marathon?
Food pics?
Continue with holiday pics taken in Melbourne or Perth?

I'm off to bed. 
Running gear all laid out on the floor for tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!


  1. Next post(s)
    All of the above.

    But of course how to handle a full marathon. Please? Pretty please?
    Of course, you can coupled it with some vacation photos.... yes? no?

    p.s. enjoy your run tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for a bit of dizzle for my night LSD tomorrow. *cross fingers*

    1. ahahaha all of the above!
      imagine writing about running tips and tiba-tiba i insert my vacation pics in the post, totally unrelated! :D

      good luck on your night LSD! i wish i could join, too.

  2. Hey why not? It might be fun to break the monotone of lecturing us on how to complete our first HM/FM. ;) Hope you enjoyed your run today. Remember it's not, be it 10K or 5K or 6.5K like me, a run is better than no run. ;)

  3. I think you'll do just fine for the MWM la. Don't sweat it too much. Go out and just have fun, well as much fun as a 42K will allow that is. Hope you get proper route info soon.