Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post-Kenyir Triathlon

Plain tired and just need rest?

I don't know.

We got back pretty late from Kenyir last night. Traffic from Kuala Terengganu to Kuantan was heavy with traffic on the trunk road so it was quite frustrating when you're in a rush to get back to KL.

I was suffering from a bad migraine (due to running in the heat - I tend to get it after a long run since I'll be out in the sun for too long) and was on the verge of throwing up every now and then. I had to keep my mouth closed tightly because it would just be too horrible if I threw up in Kenny's car.

Unless I threw up into my bag, which would be a silly choice.

Thankfully we stopped somewhere for a loo break and I had no choice but to pop 2 Panadols which were in my bag in the trunk.

Then I had to wake up early this morning to rush off to the Immigration Department to renew my passport. What the hell. I had to submit some documents tomorrow at the latest and the application required the expiry of my passport to be beyond 1st of November 2013. Geez.

And then it was back to the office where I struggled to get some work done.

Stayed in during lunch time to make up for lost time and well, I wish I could tell you that I did a wise thing and stole forty winks but no, I think I played Candy Crush Saga on my phone instead. 

Smart move, Von.

Oh, wait. I think I was doing a bit of work, too.

Come 3.30pm I was ready to crash.

And then I got depressed that I was feeling tired.
I also became frustrated when I recalled my running leg yesterday at the Kenyir Lake International Triathlon.

Why couldn't I have gone any faster?
Why wasn't I strong enough to gallop uphill like an antelope?
Why did I have to wear my TMBT t-shirt? It felt heavy.
Why did I have to bring my bottle when there were water stations at each 1.5KM?
Why was I bloody bloated? I still am.
Why am I weak?
Why am I still not strong enough?
Why why WHY!

Mentally beating myself up doesn't seem to help. 

So I made a decision to skip badminton tonight because I figured I needed to rest or I wouldn't be able to recover in time tomorrow to continue with my marathon training. Someone also said I should be on "forced rest" but he must have forgotten he said that because he kind of took it back today? He accused me of being lazy, or something to that effect. The cheek.

Come 4.30pm I wanted to sniffle (out to self-pity) because I have so much work to do this week that my marathon training may be compromised. Sigh. I could also be going into the office this weekend, who knows.

Back home and by 9.30pm, I was thinking if I could sneak in a quick 5KM run but looking at the dazed state that I am/was in right now, I have/had to hold myself back.

Rest rest rest.
After all, I'm supposed to listen to my body, right?

But I don't believe you should listen to it all the time.

Especially when it is lazy.


  1. Lazy is being tired reading your exploits and decided to take a breather and rest after this.

    You packed in too much for a single weekend la... You speed demon, you. :-D

    1. But I guess that's life for the elite & femes. :-P

  2. Sometimes a rest helps a helluva lot. Rest well and get back to your speedy self soon.

  3. I've got a bombshell of a post myself. Just don't know if i should be posting it.

  4. You are right... mentally beating yourself up doesn't help. In my books, you were fast this weekend. And questioning with "what ifs" just takes away from feeling proud of having done it for the first time.

    So, I'd ask that you keep it up, keep on feeling good through every experience that you get. Cause you have friends that looks towards your for motivation and inspirations... :)