Friday, December 23, 2011

A Biscotti Experiment

(Written on 13th December 2011)

With Christmas just around the corner, I realised that I am once again, far from my ambitious plans of completing the following:

1. Making and sending out Christmas cards;
2. Baking Christmas goodies; and
3. Saving enough money for my holiday out of the country.

To date, I have achieved NONE of the above. =(

A few months ago, I had this grand idea of making biscotti and giving them away to friends for Christmas.

No, I'm actually lying. I only wanted to make some to send to the BFF up north.

Unfortunately, November was a terribly crazy month and then came December, which was/is equally bad! Argh!

I was upset with the results as they turned out pretty charred. =((

I brought most of them to work (leaving only 6 pieces at home for YB, just in case he may want to munch them) but I was wary about offering them to my colleagues.

I finally mustered enough courage to offer them to my colleagues and was pleasantly surprised that they said it was pretty good!

I mean, I couldn't stop munching on them wouldn't mean my colleagues would feel the same. Could it be the chocolate bits that nailed it? Hmmm.

I was going for Almond Biscotti but my sliced almonds wouldn't stick stay in. Most of them fell out! Meh. I'll figure it out the next time. ;)

We finally opened up our Secret Santa presents at work that afternoon and it was fun. It was fun to see everyone tearing up the gift wrappers to see what they'd receive and trying to guess who was it from. You could read some happy expressions and some well hidden disappointed ones.

Some of the gifts this year included: a weighing scale (the recipient isn't fat!), Cadbury and Van Houten chocolates, Famous Amos cookies with a teddy bear, cufflinks and tie clip, imported hand lotion from Australia, a gigantic coffee mug (this was the favourite among everyone!), wrist rest and mouse pad, Schaeffer pen, Smurf soft toy, photo frame, shawl.

My Secret Santa gave me 2 mini books with cookie recipes and curry recipes. I thought I guessed correctly who my Secret Santa was but when I thanked them (I had 2 suspects), they both denied giving them to me!

I've given up guessing who gave them to me.

But it's timely now that Chinese New Year is around the corner - I can try some cookie recipes!

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