Friday, December 30, 2011


What a shame.

My beloved company is now blocking access to 'blogspot' websites, just so you know, we're living in the dark ages where one must not surf the net during your own time (before and after office hours and lunch hours).

Goodness knows when they'll entirely block off access to Blogger.

The Macbook Pro's screen has gone wonky so I can't really read and see things properly now. I can't edit my pictures, hence the lack of mood to blog. What's the point of writing so much over here when there are some who rather scroll down to see only the pictures? =P

I've got a lot of on my plate right now. My list of unfinished tasks glare at me angrily (in my head). So I've decied that for my new year resolution(s), I'm keeping it pretty simple:

Finish up the unfinished, complete the uncompleted.

It's frustrating really, that work takes up so much of one's time. I've got a million unfinished tasks, mostly related to crafts.

In 2012, I shall try to do the following:

  • finish up and send out my half-written letters.

  • finish up my unfinished crochet projects.

  • tidy up my cluttered life.

  • improve the cooking experiments I've done so far.

  • keep training for that sub-2 half marathon, just in case. Who knows?

It's the second last day of the year and I've still got loads to do. *long face*

It's going to be a busy weekend again. I can't believe 2011 ended so quickly!

In case I don't have time to write, I hope you'll have a fantastic year end celebration this weekend before embracing 2012. Here's to a better year ahead with lots of improvement in everything that you do. Thanks for dropping by. ;D

Happy New Year!

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