Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dutamas Runners : Paul Dimaandal

Paul seems to know almost every runner on the road - he's CRAZY friendly! You'll be able to spot Paul from a mile away as he'll greet you with an ever ready smile and a loud chirpy hello!

(actually, I'd say it's his hysterical laughter!)

1. How long have you been running?
I've been running longer distances since 2007. During primary and secondary days, I'm also a track and field player doing sprints and hurdles.

2. Have you always enjoyed running? Seriously?
I always enjoy running. I actually love running regardless whether I meet my goals or not. Running always gives me a sense of peacefulness inside. It's the time for me to release the stress and tension I get from the everyday hustle and bustle.

3. When did you complete your first marathon and was it painful?
My first marathon was in Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2008 (SCMS). It was a torture! I got cramps just at the 15km mark because I lacked sleep the night before. Aside from that, I underestimated the marathon. :)

I walked the last 27km. :) The only thing that kept me moving was the finisher tee. :)

4. Do you think everyone (or maybe just runners) should complete at least one or two marathons in their lifetime?
Yes I think so. Running a marathon always is about conquering yourself and knowing your limits.

at the recent PJ Half Marathon.

5. What is the best and worst thing(s) about running?
Best thing in running: Running gives you the sense of peacefulness. It's also the best way to meet and socialize with other people.

Worse thing in running: It makes most of my toe nails ugly and they look awful. :D

6. When you're not running, do you play any other sports?
Yes I do. I swim, bike or play badminton.

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (No, you can't say "I want to be a faster runner!")
How come it's like you've read my mind on being a faster runner? :) OK, Since you mentioned that as an exception, I'll go for being taller. LOL. I always feel having longer legs are always an advantage in most sports.

8. Do you have any favourite carbo loading food?
Hell yeah! :) I love a very good fried rice! Well, I know pastas are the best source of carbs compared to rice, but I still feel rice powers me up or gives me enough stored energy.

I actually eat anything before the race except spicy foods. I've had an experience of eating spicy food a day before the race. Race day comes and you're running faster to the toilets instead of towards the finish line! That sucked!

9. Are there any events you're looking forward to in 2012?
Nothing specific yet in mind but I want to run more in overseas if the budget permits :) I also want to know how fast I can finish a marathon in cold weather.

with wifey at the Newton Run 2010.

p.s. What's his daytime job, you ask? A design consultant.


  1. yahoo! thanks a lot Yvonne! i feel like I'm a celebrity now. wehehehe :)

  2. hahahaha i wish i was famous enough to bring you fame but you know i'm quite low profile ... ;D

  3. Mr Celeb, congrats! See you in Gold Coast?

  4. Yvonne, you are famous la.. A lot of people know you actually.. :)

    I hope so Jaime! :)