Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick Hello from Taipei

It's cold over here! The average temperature is about 16 C but when the wind blows in the evenings, it feels like 10 C! We got into Taipei at about 1am on Thursday. Set the alarm at 9am but we only left the hotel at 1030am to hunt for brunch before going into the city centre to pick up our race packs. I would love to include a few pictures in this post but somehow I can't log in to the blogger app. Geez. It's so grey and gloomy over here that it feels like London at times. ;P Stalls serving street food are abundant and honestly, I'm tired of eating already. I'm terrified of constipation. ;P The bakeries grab my attention most of the time, they have so many different types of buns that I wish I could try them all! I freeze whenever someone greets me or prattles on about their products in mandarin. All I can do is nod and smile and pray they won't speak to me anymore. I'm absolutely terrified because YB has warned me that I speak Malaysian Mandarin which has phrases directly translated from Cantonese so the Taiwanese may not understand me. For instance this evening, a lady asked me about my camera, whether it was too heavy to lug around. I could only answer her, "Yes, it's heavy." and smiled prettily. I suggested she get a compact camera and she replied that it wasn't just the same. Blah blah blah and she went off to take a picture of the subject I was taking before she approached me. Anyway it's Friday and we've got to go somewhere out of the city. We've been told to visit as many places as possible on weekdays as it's REALLY crowded on weekends. 你好!

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