Friday, December 9, 2011

Klue, Doh!

Looks like The Star beat me to it!

But then again, I am rather late in writing this entry. (Why oh why don't I have enough time in a day?)

Last Friday evening (3rd December), my youngest sister and I joined Nur and her sister to catch the preview of Klue, Doh! ... how can one resist a show priced only at RM25 (online), you tell me? But that was only for the preview, mind you! ;)

It was so quiet in the Publika and we almost got lost! I had to ask for directions from the security guard at the lobby.

Mercedes-Benz was having an event at the White Box and from afar, we thought hey, awesome! Klue, Doh!'s pretty happening but only to find ourselves at Black Box where everything was quiet.

The ticketing people weren't there yet (stuck in traffic) and the early comers including ourselves hovered around the corridor, surreptitiously casting glances to White Box where the glamourous August Man event was going on.

Anyway, at 830pm, one of the crew members asked everyone to show us our tickets before deciding whether we'd be suspects or witnesses. The four of us were made witnesses.

We got him to lend us an arm for this picture. ;D

We were wondering what would happen if we were made suspects. Part of the show, perhaps? Hehe.

But no. After a warm welcome from Geordie , he told us that the Suspects and Witnesses would be split up - witnesses go to right, and suspects go to left.

It's like entering a night club with a rubber stamp pass, but way cooler. ;D

This was the scene that greeted us when we entered through a dark passage and into the theatre. Most of the audience sat there giggling at the poor fella, and you could tell that everyone was just excited for the show to begin. Soon you'll notice Gangbang Sukajolo Suprianto the Indonesian maid (played by Nabihan Yusof) sitting on the left side of what appears to the study room, observing the body before the lights come on.

Then the show began. It was very entertaining and the audience couldn't stop laughing. When I recall that night, well, I can't stop giggling to myself all over again.

Then came the short interval, and the witnesses and suspects swapped places. This time, we were in the living room, taking in what had taken place while we were in the study room, which was beside the living room.

During the time when you were in the study room, you'd hear a lot of commotion from the other room, which was actually another scene going on in the living room.

So when you're watching the second part, things start falling into place and you'll finally see a 'clearer' picture, if that's what you'd like to think. ;)

There were some more hilarious scenes that to one extent, both my sister and I were clutching each other's arms to stifle our giggles.

I got home that night and raved about the show to YB and insisted he just had to watch it or he'll never know what I'm talking about. The next day when we visited Nur's family, her sister insisted that YB watch it, too ... so that we could all discuss the show!

I can't decide which character I liked best. Nabihan was superb with her Indonesian accent and all, but ASP Hamzah (played by Iqmal Shafiq) got the audience cracking up most of the time. Nur's sister thinks he's the funniest. The brother-in-law, Alan (played by JD Menon) made me laugh, too. He was always calling Gangbang as in 'gang bang'!

My sister likes Abraham, son of Jackson Mo, who was always traveling around to save the world.

Anyway, I'm not going to write much here. It's very hard to explain it with my atrocious grammar and vocabulary so you'll just have to watch it for yourself!

Watch it with an open mind and be prepared to smile all the way. I wasn't expecting much at first, to be honest (as I didn't know most of the cast) but I read the review and the synopsis of the show and couldn't wait to watch it.

I was reminded how much I enjoyed The Actors' Studio's The Importance of Being Earnest with Jit Murad and Gavin Yap, and Taylor's College' The Mousetrap years ago.

More info / other reviews:
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Playing from 2nd December to 17th December 2011.
Tickets are priced RM38 for students/concession and RM68 for adults.
You can buy your tickets online at
Venue: Black Box, MAPS @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

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