Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hectic Equals...

Busy busy busy.
Annoyance and irritation.
Almost stressful.

sashimi bento for RM35 at the japanese restaurant on the 6th floor of Sogo.

It started off as a crazy Friday last week and it continues on to be an equally crazy week for me. I am so hating my office right now!

But I could just be plain cranky.

We are in the midst of moving 3 floors up and woh, with the ongoing work and reports that must be done, I have no time to assist with the packing.

I still hate the bloody air conditioning, by the way. I was bundled up with arm and leg warmers with a jacket but it's annoying that I have to take them all off before I go to the loo, for fear of bumping into a customer/client outside.

*grumble grumble*

Last Friday evening was spent at the office gym. An hour of aerobics followed by an hour of yoga (which consisted mostly abs exercises!) and oh my goodness, I was exhausted yet happy by the end of it.

I was with 2 colleagues and we giggled a lot. Now that's the difference between attending classes with friends and without. =D

I was hoping to try out the kickboxing classes but it was canceled. Oh well, I'll have to wait til Friday for another 2 hour workout session with the colleagues.

Today, a colleague has booked me for lunch and she wants to go A & W. Hmmm. I can't think of anything there which will not ruin my diet so I might as well skip breakfast for it. Or dinner.

Oh, I'm cracking my head about my sister's birthday cake. I can't think of something different yet easy for me to bake! It's next weekend so I'll only have this coming weekend to test bake at least once.

Any ideas?

If you're wondering what I'm wondering, yes, I didn't know baking could take over my life just like that.


Oh, this post was supposed to be about how much I hate my job right now or the procedures or the lack of manpower but ah, I have to go and get ready for work now.

Have a better week ahead than me.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are so stressed. Hope things in the office will be better soon. Meantime, suggestion for your sis' bday cake, how about that gorgeous carrot cake you made recently? Use the carrot grating to vent and then whip up some extra cream cheese frosting just to lick off the whisk.