Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Many Food Pics

I really should stop photographing my food with my phone. I've got tons to clear (from my phone), all taken last year ... so here goes!

Wagyu beef at Rakuzen, Desa Sri Hartamas. Nice and tender. Mmmmm.

The Bee, Publika.
Rave reviews so we thought we'd try. But we chose a bad night because service was really baaaaaaaad. So happened that they didn't have enough staff that night.

Can't remember what we ordered. There was definitely an Australian burger, ... uhm ... and ...

Gosh, it was clearly a forgettable meal.

But not forgettable enough for us to forget the super slow service.

The Beef Specialist, Petaling Street area.
Thought we'd try Lai Foong's competitor for beef noodles.

Prices are stated, so you don't need to ask. ;D

The dry version that YB ordered. Bleh.

The soup version I ordered. Sorites.

They weren't as tasty as the ones at Lai Foong's so don't bother!

Tom, Dick & Harry, TTDI.
This was sometime in October last year. We were there to submit our registration forms for the Mou Man Tai 2.0 run in November.

Pancakes with beef bacon and egg. It needed a bit more gravy or the pancakes would be a bit too dry on its own. But the pancakes were nice!

The Big Breakfast at RM26 or RM28, I can't remember. You get a glass of juice and a cup of coffee or tea with your food.

The sausages were tasty!

Prices are a bit steep, but it's probably the usual price for pub food. I'm just a miser, I guess!

Utilised the Groupon voucher I bought for a Triple Deck Sandwich at half price. The book is merely a prop, because no way I could read while devouring my sandwich!

Usual price for the sandwich is RM15.30.

Tried their Caesar Salad with a colleague the other day. Loved the portion, although it got a bit too salty after a while. Must have been the beef bacon bits or something.

They currently have a set lunch every Wednesday's for a Caesar Salad and hot irish cream coffee for RM17. Haven't tried it yet!

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