Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Red Beanbag

The problem with Publika is that you'll have to walk around to find the place you want to go. We were there on Sunday for our 'second' round of breakfast.

After walking around for a while, we finally located O'Briens on the 1st floor but the air conditioning was so weak that we decided to find an alternative place to go.

Across on the other side was The Red Beanbag, seemingly filled with patrons. We thought we might as well check it out, since we didn't know where else to go.

Sack decorations on the wall. I didn't walk in all the way since we were seated right in front of the payment counter.

The menu was really cute, I liked it very much!

You know, I've been contemplating getting a typewriter just for the fun of it (how random is that?), but ... I think I'll just get a sewing machine instead.

The dessert section.

However do they keep the menu nice and clean and free from food stains is a mystery to me.

YK ordered the Latte (RM8) while I had the Flat White (RM8). Not too bad, but it went cold pretty quickly.

OKT ordered a Passion Fruit, Orange & Yoghurt smoothie (RM10) which was very watery. YB had the Golden Slumbers (RM10) which was just OK.

Both of them looked pretty forlorn with their drinks.

YB ordered the RBB's Speciality Eggs Benedict (RM15.90) and I bet it was because the asparagus caught his attention.

The eggs were nicely done and the mushrooms were yummy, but I feel like the asparagus was an odd addition to the dish. YB didn't think the bread combined well with the overall ingredients.

YK ordered the Baked Eggs (RM17.90) which looked scrumptious when served. I think it wasn't too bad, but I really don't know because I forgot to ask him for his verdict. ;D

OKT ordered the Foong's carrot cake (RM8.90) and I think it was a disaster (I could tell from OKT's dissatisfied and unhappy expression). I took two bites and gawd, all of us agreed that it was too wet. It was mushy like baby's food. Oh, and the cinnamon taste was too strong.

The cute little carrots on top didn't improve its taste. ;D

Oh well, I'm sure there are other who had a better experience than we did.
The Red Beanbag
03 6211 5116
Address: A14-1-08, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Times: Tue-Fri, 8.30am-5pm; Sat-Sun,
Bangsar babe
Eat Drink KL
Miss Adriennely

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