Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OMG It's February!

picture taken at Air Itam waterfalls near Jelebu / Taiping.


First and foremost, a thousand apologies for the silence. I swear I wrote something here last week but when I came back from lunch, the post wasn't saved! It was a #%*&@#()@ moment and I didn't feel like re-telling everything all over again so I had to leave it as that.

Secondly, I don't know about you, but hasn't the time just flown by oh so quickly since the Chinese New Year festivities? And we're already halfway through February, acks!

How was your Valentine's Day, or Tuesday, if I may ask?
I went for my facial after work and came back to a simple dinner, since both YB and I are now trying to frantically shed the extra kilos we piled on from our CNY holidays. (Seriously! I now have to lose 4kgs or I'm going to be a fat blob forever. *sobs*)

At the last minute, say, yesterday afternoon itself, I decided that I'd bake carrot cake muffins for YB for Valentine's Day. But it's funny, really. By the time I finished frosting the muffins, it was close to midnight.

Ha ha ha OMG, who cares!
Muffins for breakfast instead, then!

My ankle is still feeling a wee bit fragile so I'm staying off trail running for the time being. It's a real bummer, you know. Road running is no longer giving me the sense of satisfaction and I wonder is it because I'm psyching myself out. You know, like Inception? ;D

YB is planning on taking me camping as often as possible and to tell you the truth, I'm pretty reluctant and he KNOWS it. But I have to play the role of the good wife, smile and oblige him every now and then. *grimace* Wish me luck.

If only we had a backyard and we could camp out there, so I can run back into the house to use the loo when necessary. ;D

It's been a crazy year so far, and February isn't over yet.
Work is piling up and it seems like the boss(es) are throwing more work and responsibilities my way, which is ... blah.

I was hoping to be able to slack a bit, go on long holidays and such, but things don't look too promising right now. Shitty shit shit.

My niece, Aaliyah is so round and cute and adorable and active for her age, so she's madly adored by the entire family. I don't think I'm very good at keeping babies entertained but what Aaliyah enjoys most is when you sing to her. But my voice is pretty flat, so I wasn't sure whether she enjoyed my singing or was secretly begging me to stop torturing her delicate ears.

What's new with me so far?
The only change in my daily routine (since last Thursday) is that I make it a point to spend 10 minutes in the morning doing some stretching exercises. The discipline is killing me - and it's not even a week yet!

I went for an aerobics class at the company's gym last Friday and I enjoyed the workout (although I grimaced occasionally whenever my right ankle hurt). Hopefully I'll stick to it.


I bumped into a few colleagues at the gym and one of them was introducing me to some buffed up guy as a marathon runner. I had to tell him to shush it, because I could be a lousy marathon runners for all you know.

One of the gym users must have overheard the conversation because he approached me after that.

Him: "I heard you ran the 21km for the Penang Bridge Marathon?"
Me: "Yaaa..."
Him: "I was there for the cycling event thingy ..." (I zoned out after that)
Me: "Ohhhh that one. You don't run?"
Him: "Just cycling. I usually join cycling events ... blah blah blah ..."


I was giggling in my head!
Isn't it flattering to have people chat with you out of the random blue? ;D

I sent YB a message to say, "Ooh some guy is chatting me up in the gym! Just because I'm wearing the PBIM vest."

I could imagine him rolling his eyes in response to that.

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