Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ben's at Publika

Two weeks ago, my sister and I found ourselves at Ben's on a Thursday night for a late dinner. She ate here before whereas I've only eaten and Ben's General Food Store down at the supermarket on the lower ground.

Apparently it's quite similar to DELIcious, although the menu may vary.

I loved the index cards provided on every table. Just in case you run out of things to talk to or you'd like to busy yourself by reading something, the box of index cards will provide you with suggested topics for conversation and some recipes to study. =)

They only have three (3) types of soup to choose from and since my sister has tried their wild mushroom soup and the other one, this time she wanted to try their roasted tomato soup.

Which was too tangy for me. =S

 Service was bad that night (no surprises there, since I read a lot of comments about it online. We waited a long time for our mushroom lasagna, and we suspect they had forgotten about it so we reminded them to check on our order.

It was disastrous. It was hard and cold inside and we didn't even finish it. 

We think they were in rush that they didn't bother heating it up properly!

Compare the one we had at Ben's General Food Store the other time. See how different they look.
Char-grilled chicken salad was not too bad, though it could do with a bit more greens, if you ask me. ;D

Dinner was my sister's treat and the bill came up to a total of RM56.00 something. 

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