Tuesday, October 1, 2013

12 Days and Counting

With the mad surge of Facebook updates about the 2013 Standard Chartered KL Marathon over the weekend, I am getting edgy. Some friends have achieved their personal best times, and some had bad runs. Nevertheless, I wished I had been there to welcome them across the finish line!

Without me running, of course. :D

Melbourne Marathon is taking place on 13th October 2013 and I wish I could say that I am as well prepared as I was for the Malaysia Women Marathon in April 2013. The extra kilos (tsk tsk), lack of mileage and lack of discipline to stick to the training plan are sure factors of a very worrying run come that faithful day.

I need more spice jars.

YB and I sat down after dinner on Sunday, going through our individual strategies for Race Day. He and I have different views and ideas, which means that we will probably be racing each other. Not running side by side, I suppose! :P

I don't mind, really, as I'd rather not have someone breathing down my neck every time I stop to walk for 5 seconds!

Although it makes sense to run together when we have the same target time ... but nah, like I said, we have different strategies to approach our run so best we run on our own and bump into each other along the way.

(I hope I'll beat him, though!!)
(But highly unlikely ... )
(Ooh, but who knows? Since he is a bit injured ... )
(I am so mean! What a wife! LOL)

Leftover from our tapas dinner was made into my lunch the next day - patatas bravas,
chickpea balls and couscous covered with some mozzarella cheese.

If there had been no distractions whatsoever, I believe I would have stuck to my training plan as strictly as possible, like what I did the last time. This time, I didn't do any time trials (as per the training plan) to gauge my strength and the chances of attaining my target time, and this makes me very unsure of myself.

I do believe that it will be a good run, no doubt, and a possible PB (*touch wood*), but things can happen and one can never be too sure.

Sushi balls were slightly flattened and grilled for a while.

I asked YB who would he dedicate his Melbourne Marathon to. He asked me in return, and I already knew my answer.

Argh, I really hope it's a good PB seeing that this is the last marathon I want to train for and run!

I'd rather toddle along the trails, sorry. :D

Steamed banana cake is yummy!

Anyway, it is supposedly Spring but this morning I was woken up by the winds howling crazily and the tree branches crashing at our bedroom window. We had something like that last week and the week before, so sometimes, it's really hard to gauge how you should dress up before you leave the house.

Granted, it is not that cold anymore. Yay!


  1. Those sushi balls looked so nice n tantalizing indeed, Yvonne! What a creative way to wallop your sushi.. hehee

    1. i got the idea from http://umamimart.com/2011/08/japanify-yaki-onigiri-grilled-rice-balls/ which looks really lovely!

  2. ' ... seeing that this is the last marathon I want to train for and run!' I heard that mentioned before ... LOL!

    Use the awesome weather to your advantage (it is cold there, still right?) and you'll ace that PB. But you know, it does feel good to NOT be training for any marathons at the moment *rubbing it in* hahaha!

    1. aiya, rub it in some more la you ...

      i lost my shades and need a new one soon! *grumble* how to run with sun in your eyes? LOL! anyways, somehow my legs tend to cramp easier in the cool weather, can you believe it? tsk! :P

  3. Good luck on the marathon.
    Your photos made me hungry right now hehe

    1. Thanks Razif! I guess you're not doing the Melb Mara, eh. :)