Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crochet: Owl Giveaway #3

Ok ok, I know everyone is tired with this Owl Giveaway. Bah!

This is ... Batz. He's as blind as a bat. :P
Bwahaha! I don't know. Please rename him if you must. :)

He is dressed in manly colours of grey, dark red and a hint of lime green.

Size: 5.5cm in height, 4cm in width.
Material: crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn, stuffed with strips of flannel.

Now, to have a chance to win Batz, please answer the questions below:

1. My least favourite colour is:
A. Grey
B. Orange
C. Blue
(I really don't like orange *bleurgh* and if given a choice, I wouldn't wear an orange running vest! Except during the Bukit Damansara Fun Run.)

2. I made a total of 11 owls. What is the name of the last one?
A. Biscuit
B. Avocado
C. Cookie
(Cookies' pic is on Facebook page.)

3. Besides exploring the outdoors, running, baking, cooking and crocheting, I may be found:
A. Spring cleaning the house.
B. Reading a book or magazine.
C. Giving hubby a massage.
(I'm so glad no one said A or C. I would have laughed my head off!)

Terms and conditions:
1. Only one entry per person. You may delete your comment to insert another one if you change your mind with your answers before the closing date/time.
2. Answers to the question must be provided only in the comment section of this post.
3. The person with the most correct answers will be declared the winner.
4. If there are more than one correct entries, I will write your names on pieces of paper and have YB draw the winner out from the bowl/hat/box. You may try to bribe him haha! :D
5. The winner will be notified on my Facebook page and in this post. I will contact you thereafter by Facebook or email. :)
6. If there are no winners, I will provide another question. :D
7. Owl Giveaway #3 is closed at 3.00am Malaysian/Perth Time / 6.00am Melbourne/Sydney Time on Friday, 1st November  2013. Comments added after the time may not be considered. (See how lah.)

Good luck!
I think the questions are SO easy. :)

Update as at 1st November 2013:
Congrats to Kew CW for getting all 3 questions right!

OK, we're done with the owls. Now what shall I make for Christmas? :)

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