Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Marathon Training is Almost Over

We just had the daylight savings thingy over the weekend so Melbourne is now officially ahead of Malaysia/Singapore/Perth times by 3 hours. The world is quiet when we wake up. :)

I had a wonderful run last Saturday over at Albert Park and once again, we were amongst the regular runners attending their weekly Saturday runs. Oops.

You should see how fast they run and without sounding out of breath at all!

Skechers meets Brooks.

Two weeks ago, I had a bit of discomfort in my right foot which developed during the long run. It got me worried as to which shoes I was going to wear for the Melbourne Marathon. I had to be sure whether it was the GR2 or just me, and with thicker socks this time (and I suspect running on the sandy track as well) the discomfort was not present.


That being my last long run (19KM) for the week, I was am confident that a PB for the marathon would be doable, provided that all things are smooth sailing. *cross fingers*

I have decided on which cap, sports bra, shoes, waist pouch, water bottle, power gels (and how many), running dress, shades and pair of tights to wear, but I am still deciding on which pair of socks and running dress to wear.

Talk about diva issues! :D

We're at Week 16, finally!

When I first started on this training plan, I knew it wouldn't be easy to follow. With trail runs peppered in and taking up our weekends, road runs were hard to muster up enough excitement for. Bleurgh.

On weeknights, I would just run for the mileage but with this fussy running buddy who'd lament about how boring the route was, we have designed various routes for the varied distances. *roll eyes*

All out for the last interval!
Last Tuesday, we couldn't find a gentle slope which should take us 2 minutes to jog up for our hill reps, but we found one which was only half that time and it was along a main road. *giggles* Like fools with nothing better to do, we doubled the (intended) reps to be done as the distance was shorter and kept on going. Oh man, we were so glad when we completed every single rep and it was time to jog hobble walk home!

400m intervals are fun as we can just do it on our street, including the 100m jog/rest time. The sidewalk is generally flat with no holes or uneven ground to catch you unawares.

A lot of people were taking advantage of the brightness at 630pm yesterday! Had to swerve around some of them, too!

The Vege + Protein vs Carbs Dinner Challenge has proved to be a bigger challenge for me to cook instead. I went around the shopping area yesterday (there are 2 supermarkets and various Asian Grocery Stores) for 2 hours, looking out for nice leafy vegetables, but all I came back with was 3 bunches of kangkung (water spinach). Good grief. 

Behind the scenes of one of those non-Masterchef presentation nights. LOL!
Our dinner fare for two usually consist of 1 protein and 2 vege, no carbs.
But we're having pasta for dinner tonight, though. In the name of carboloading! :D

I'm tired of choy sum and pak choy, and I don't fancy green mustard. English Spinach leaves a weird stickiness at the back of my teeth, nice and fresh kale seems low in supply at the stores here. I think I might have to venture out further soon to widen my shopping horizon, but the thought of taking the bus to go some place else tires me already. :P

Anyway, friends back home seem to be busy with their forthcoming events, with the Back to Endurance, Pink Charity Run and the BHP Orange Run this weekend but I'm sure they'll have a whole lot of fun! :)

Oh. I just noticed yesterday that my right foot hurts especially when I balance on one leg (right) with my knee slightly bent. Oh I just tested it again and it seems fine. Sigh. Must not get myself injured anytime now ... *prays hard*


  1. Marathon training is almost over for THIS marathon yes? ;)

    Wow! Just look at the spread! *Drool*

    All the best and PB. :)

  2. er.... no more marathons la! fingers crossed! hahaha i hope i won't have itchy feet after this :)

    have a great weekend, too! :)

  3. A whole lot of fun is NOT what I'll be having during the B2E, that's for sure. The idea is to see whether I can actually drive home after the race ... hahaha!

    Hey, best of luck for your marathon and to your other half too. He's running it too, ya? Make sure you come back with that PB, k?