Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving Office

A few colleagues and I are busy packing up to move to another office situated in town this Thursday. We're dreading it because of traffic and the old and gloomy conditions of the building.*sigh*

iI'll have to walk from Dataran Merdeka, mind you, because it'll be easier to exit town and go home, and I *think* they still have season parking.

Melvin or someone did suggest I join Lake Gardens' Adination running/training but I'm rather clueless when it comes to Adination thingy.

It was a crazy busy weekend, productive one but with no mileage clocked. Feeling guilty, we said we'll do a LSD tonight but let's see how far we can run. I'm still feeling rather exhausted.


Does Red Bull help?


Found a copy of that article from the Harvard Business Review I copied from one of the interns when I first joined the department ...3 years ago?

Don't think I've read it yet.;D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ba Da Bing

It's a lovely rainy morning to be snuggling up in bed under the covers but nooooo we don't have such luxury because we have to work and earn a living.

I woke up early this morning with the grand plan of coming in to work before 8am. Sadly, my time management needs more work because by the time I stepped into my car, it was 757am. Sheesh. (I burned my favourite blouse while doing a quick iron!)

The next few days until the end of the month is going to be hectic. My team is moving office into town and whilst we have to continue doing our work, we also have to do the packing up and tidying up. Argh! We need physical files, too, you know, not just working on soft copies.

And my phone has rang thrice already. *monkey face*

The skin is a burnt colour and I officially have eczema, AND another rash at the side of my inner foot. Gah, it's so annoying!!
I had a wary run yesterday evening, just to test whether my ankle was OK and well, I needed to work out anyway. Wary because, I was very conscious as to how I'd place my foot on the ground and I kept studying the ground to avoid pebbles.

Although I was short of breath, I'd like to think that I managed to keep a more or less consistent pace throughout the 7km run. It took a minute longer than usual, so it wasn't too bad, I guess! I was expecting worse, like 5 minutes or more. =P

Anyway, what does one get for a girl who is celebrating her first birthday? I am hopeless when it comes to kiddy stuff, unless you're saying more clothes and toys and books and cupcakes? I don't think I have enough time to crochet something small and nice, hehe.

I was just commenting to my colleague yesterday how sad it is when your boss does not help or offer any guidance to nurture the potential in us, but leave it to us to take our own initiative for personal advancement. I know there are many bosses like that, but I am not sure not ALL are like that.

A good leader will let go and see you prosper in many ways, allowing you and even assist you in seeking out greener pastures. It's a shame, isn't it, when one does not know how to be a mentor?

At this moment, a lot of us are on the lookout for better things because the longer we stay, the more stifled and supressed we'll be. We're still young! We need better things to lead to a better life! Start a family! Just to survive!

So where shall I go?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stab Me With A Fork!

You know how you try to be friendly and helpful and instead, you inadvertently get yourself unnecessarily involved?

I picked up a colleague's phone call during lunch today and explained to the person on the line that she was on leave and will only be back on Monday. The person went on to ask who was the boss to my colleague's boss. I went, "Heh?"

The person was given instructions by her boss to find out from my colleague who the BIG boss is so that they could liaise with him or her directly.

They want the Main Man, not my boss.

I said I wasn't too sure, as it could be a committee of people and not just one person. (My boss handles several portfolios, you see. Not only does he oversee my team's work, but probably a few other teams' as well.)

So I suggested she checked with ML, who is my colleague's immediate supervisor, after lunch.

Half an hour ago, she called ME up (!!!) to ask about ML. What was his full name?

I asked her why. She said her boss wanted to write us a letter and attention it to ML.

I said that attentioning it to ML itself is fine.

"No, I need his full name!" she insisted.

I explained to her that the letter will definitely reach ML as he is the only ML on this floor, anyway.

"But I need his full name!"
"I don't see anything wrong with giving me his full name," she went on.

"Really? I do. Why don't you ask him yourself? Why ask me!"

"Uhmm my boss did not ask me to speak to him directly." she replied.

WTF? Does that sound like an ambush or what?

It sounds sooooooooooooooooooooo fishy!

I warned ML to expect a strange letter and be careful the next few days lest he gets apprehended by strangers.

It could be an attempt to serve a court subpoena, who knows?

Yah, speaking from experience.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

*big sigh*

Yes, I really wished I had suffered the slopes and hills with everyone else but I was unfortunate/fortunate to give it a miss due to my recuperating ankle. The doctor gave me two days off work last week, directed me to put my feet up and under NO circumstances to run or jog.

Erm, yep, I neglected to disclose that piece of information, sorry. *innocent look*

On Sunday morning, I was up and about at 3am, getting ready as if I *was* indeed running, but it was more to lend support and encouragement for YB and Lynn. I was the supporter by the side, trying to hide behind a yellow poster that read, "Dutamas Runners" and man, I was shy. It's hard to be a lone supporter, mind you! Nevertheless, I did receive many queries about DR.
What are you? A team? Oh, running group, I see ...
So where do you usually run?
Dutamas? Where is that? Ohh Segambut ...
There were also inquisitive glances of the poster and I noticed someone stealing a picture of it! I wonder where is it floating around in cyberspace right now ...

So if you do see a picture of us and our yellow poster, do let us know so I can nick a copy. =D

I don't think I did a very good job in cheering the runners with my yellow poster, as I was busy trying to snap pictures as soon as the skies were light. *LOL* 90% of my pictures turned out bad so I am sorely tempted to erase the entire album.

I was in awe to see the crazy fast runners complete the half marathon in less than 80mins. I also had fun studying the pained expressions of runners at the finish line. At that moment, I was secretly relieved not to be going through the similar motions. *hehe*

He was recording the whole thing??

I do apologise for showing off my disgusting ankle to the DR members, as proof as to why I was skipping the run. I know I shouldn't have, but thank you for the few minutes of attention. *sniff*

Everyone had a decent run and that was great news, indeed! It's so nice to see the smiling faces after an event and bumping into familiar faces. Too bad we didn't have time to meet up for a good breakfast.

I must say that the vests, medals and finisher tshirts were of horrible quality.
I can't wait to get up and about again! It's killing me that I can't run to destress or sweat it out, arggggggh.
Guy on the right was reluctant to pose for a picture. =)

And all I do is eat and eat. Not a very good thing, at this juncture.

I finally managed to say hi to Yimster! =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Salmon Fish Cakes

I'm sure I mentioned somewhere that I was eager to make some salmon fishcakes and so I finally did it.

If you must know, my definition of cooking experiments include dishes which I've never cooked before and that's a VERY wide definition. ;)

The ingredients I used included 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, salmon fishbones, minced pork, 1 egg, mixed spices, salt and pepper. I chose salmon fishbones so I could scrape off the salmon bits for the mixture. As you know, salmon can be rather overpowering!

Boiled the potatoes and mash. Sliced the carrots as finely as possible if you don't have a grater. Technically, the recipe said onions but I forgot.

Mix everything together, but the egg must be last. Roll them into balls. I covered my hands with plastic because I didn't want the mixture getting underneath my finger nails.

Gently lower them into the frying pan and flatten them slowly, or they'll crumble.

I must say the more burnt the outside of the patty is, the nicer they taste!

Goes well with tartar sauce. ;)

I can't wait to make my own burger patties next!

Monday, March 14, 2011


24th February.
We finally decided to meet up as we've been promising to do so since last August. With everyone's hectic schedule, we managed to squeeze in a slot for dinner on a Thursday night.

At BSC, there are a lot of places to choose from but it just depends on your budget. At first, I thought of Alexis, but V said she has been to WIP (which stands for Work In Progress) a few times already and likes the food there.

V ordered the Red Berries Margarita (RM25) while I had the Longan Magarita (RM25). I felt naughty *giggles* just because I haven't had a margarita in AGES. =P

The O'range Caipirinha (RM28). Isn't that a huge slice of orange and piece of sugar cane?

P ordered something which we didn't dare pronounce for fear of the waitress rolling her eyes and think we're hopeless.

Since I read somewhere that the Tofu Puff (RM18) was a delightful appetiser, we tried it. I was intrigued by how the inside could stay intact inside the tofu puff. Mmm, it was ok except that I felt that the smell of the minced meat was just a bit too strong. Or was I getting confused with bamboo shoots? I think not. (Ugh, I don't like bamboo shoots!)

Deep fried Calamari (RM18) was nice and crispy. Oh how I miss the calamari in Barcelona! Here in Malaysia, there are generally just squid rings. =P

I was disappointed that they served the same chilli sauce as the Tofu Puff.

The Hawaiian Pizza (RM26) was alright.

The obligatory photo taking session at the end of the night. =)

Why do I have such a big face? YB agrees it is my face that's big. Hmmfh.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cereal Bites

Remember how I complained my cereal bars just wouldn't stay together in one piece? Well, I decided to mix in some chocolate to see whether it would work.

YB suggested I put them in the egg containers while I was actually looking for the ice tray!

They stayed in shape perfectly! And very nice in size, too!

I guess the chocolate did the trick, eh? But unfortunately it was too chocolatey for us, and I used a cheap brand of baking chocolate, so it wasn't up to par. Nevertheless, at least I know now what does the trick.


Drawstring Handy Bag

YB requested for something to keep his bits and bobs of mini cables and things so I made a simple pouch, flattered that he would ask me to make one for him to use.

I mean, surely his friends and colleagues would tease him for using such a girly looking pouch? =P

It took me 3 days or so to complete the pouch with double crochet stitches. I'm not too pleased with the drawstring as it doesn't tighten up properly.

Oh well, I guess I'm still learning. ;)

Can I at least say that I love the colour combination?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Thing Is

Finally I have the whole day to myself to do all things that I've been wanting to do after work, but now all I feel like doing is laze about and do nothing.

The doctor gave me the day off to put my feet up, rest the ankle. The rash is atrocious. I

I'm contemplating walking the Bareno Run in my Teva's, but I doubt it'll be comfortable enough for the entire distance?

Pray it gets better by tomorrow. *stares hard at foot* Why isn't the steriods kicking in ASAP??

I really want to run! It's not the sprain, honestly, it's the bloody rash. I fear that if I put on my socks and when I sweat, it would irritate the rash more.

Help! Any ideas, anyone?

No, running barefoot is NOT an option.

In The Courts

Last week, when the lawyer suggested that I come along to see for myself how problematic and long-winded his opponent was, I eagerly agreed! He told me later yesterday how he could hear the eagerness in my voice - clearly I wanted an excuse to get out of the office!

Truth to be told, I get an occasional twinge of longing to be part of the litigation action. But it's just a twinge, you know. Not the part where I'd have to slog like a dog to prepare your clients' cases, only to have them complain that your fees are too high and why can't you work faster!

It was my first time at the Jalan Duta Court Complex. While walking in to the compound, I looked around to see if I could spot the familiar faces I once saw many years ago but didn't find any. I was dressed in a white shirt and black pinstripe skirt, just to blend in, you know. That's how eager I was. ;)

(OK, actually I had nothing else to wear!)

Boy, it was a complex indeed! We headed up to the fourth floor and to the left, and walked along the corridor to find our courtroom.

The Judge wanted both parties to settle so I had to step outside to call up my colleague to help me check on my file for some details, and call up my boss for some mandate.

It was still the same procedure - lawyers signing in by 845am before the Judge came in to begin his cases.

Anyway, while my case was being heard, I tried to listen and took notes as much as I could. I could tell right away that my lawyer was correct, the Judge had a hint of sympathy towards the opponent so that does not look good for us. We would definitely lose the case if we persisted in arguing the matter. *Sigh*

I began to fume in my seat and gawd, that's when I posted up on Facebook that I wanted a cigarette. *LOL* Just so I could release some tension.


Outside a courtroom, we also saw the live feed for Teoh Beng Hock's inquest hearing/proceedings and Edmund Bon was cross-examining one of the defendant's witnesses. I think. It was definitely someone from MACC who was on the stand.

We went to the cafeteria on the lower ground and I was amazed by the sheer size of it. Woah. It was probably 4 times bigger than the old one at the Jalan Raja Sessions & Magistrates' Courts!

I saw the photographers shoving their huge ass camera and lenses into some policemen having their tea at a table. It was hilarious, really, because I suspect the pictures wouldn't be flattering for the newspapers, anyway.

Apparently Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) and his crew were seated 2 tables behind me. Ahhh. I spotted him, and his lawyers.

Finally, I spotted a familiar face. He was chambering while I was one of the junior lawyers at a firm. The first thing he said to me was, "Wow! You lost so much weight!"

I must have been reeeeeeeally tubby, eh!!! -____-

He thought I had come back to practice but I corrected him to say that I was just there to observe a proceedings. =P

I must say it's the same scene all over again, no hot guys to look at, but plenty of hot chicks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bumbu Desa, The Curve

Yes, I hear you, "What, another food post?"

It shows a) how often i eat out; b) i always have my camera with me; and c) i should stop taking pictures of food!

But anyway, this was in January 2011 when I dropped by The Curve to check on something. My sister and I stumbled upon this place, thinking it was similar to Ole Bali in Solaris Mont Kiara.

We were wrong.

We stared hard at the menu, looking for something familiar to order but no, it was mainly dishes.

A waiter advised us to go up to the table to view their selection instead of relying on the menu. It took us a while to understand what he was saying as he was ... erm, foreign.

It was empty when we arrived, but slowly filled up.

Now this was rather funny. My sister and I both assumed it was ice blended red bean. When the waiter brought this bowl over, we said no, we ordered the ice red bean. He insisted that this was it.

Damn. I couldn't really finish up the bowl of big fat red beans. ;)

Since this meal was yonks ago, I honestly don't remember the prices. I think the kai lan was RM3.50 and mushroom was RM2.90. The Ayam Pepes (wrapped with pandan leaves) was chosen by my sister. It was infused with chinese root herbs, like tong gui or gin seng. We were pleasantly surprised.

I can't remember which chicken I ordered but I chose it based on its size. I thought, hmm, I might as choose a huge piece for that sort of price (RM8.90?)!

It was really spicy, but it was good!

Reviews say it's a Sundanese Indonesian restaurant:
The Nomad Gourmand
Live by Giving, Take by Forgiving

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe, One Utama

My mum was down in town in January and we met up with my uncle for dinner in One Utama. The choice by default was Ms Read's DELIcious but it was closed for stock check or something.

I suggested Dave's but everyone wanted a healthier choice. *roll eyes* So we continued strolling around until they came across this place and decided to give it a try.

My uncle chose the nasi lemak (RM12.90?) and he was OK with it.

I opted for the simplest meal I could find, which was the Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon. Lovely presentation, but not filling enough.

I think everyone felt bad for me that they offered me some of their food.

My sister chose the grilled fish with mash potato. She offered me a portion, which made me feel bad because her dish didn't look filling enough!

My mum chose the claypot spicy loh shee fun which was spicy indeed! It was nice, mmmm, I wouldn't mind having this the next time I'm there.

Once again, I was offered a portion. See, my plan to diet at that time failed.

My mum couldn't finish it.

Other reviews (and you'll get a gist of the decor or you'll miss it):
Hello, My Name Is Alice
Food Point of Interest

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peanut Butter Banana Cake

Finally, I had a reason to try one of Fatboybakes' cakes!

Last Saturday was my youngest sister's birthday. I didn't know what to get her (my attempt to crochet a Hello Kitty face was thwarted because the pattern didn't explain how to make the ears. bummer!) besides things that ... well, i didn't have time to shop. Also, kids these days have grown up so it's really hard to get presents which will be appreciated. =P

I opted for the Peanut Butter Banana Cake because 1) we love peanut butter and banana, and 2) the biscuit base was just too yummy looking for words.

Check out the layers.

When I brought it home, I was hoping she would return early from work so we could quickly cut the cake and have a partayyyy. But that didn't happen. =)

Anyway, we both enjoyed it. I was greedy the first time and cut a normal looking slice (serious!) but found it too rich. The next day I cut a smaller slice, say, one inch wide 2 inches long, and it was just nice.

It would definitely go well with coffee and a girly catch up at 4 in the afternoon.

I can't wait to try one of the durian cakes soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Easy Run with Lynn

In January, even before the Chinese New Year holidays, my friend, Lynn and I made a date with each other to run together on February 26th. Talk about making advance appointments with each other lest they forget or don't have the time!

Anyway, my crazy friend, Lynn signed up for her first ever full marathon at the SCKLM 2011 and needs as much mileage as she can or she'll freak out and moan to the world about how terrified she is.


Sorry, I do enjoy teasing her like mad, but I'm not sure if she's actually reading this ...

Anyway, we invited a mutual friend as well as Lynn's old school friend so we had 2 girls to add to the group. Yay! Eventually, it became a Dutamas Runners' event as well. For this 13.5km run, only Captain and Melvin came along. Oh, let's not forget YB.

Melvin was late but he eventually caught up with us after the 2nd km. I told him to continue on as he'll definitely catch up with Captain and YB, since YB was told to wait for us at the junction of Jalan Bukit Tunku, in case I get lost again.

Lynn and I took our time to keep an eye on our 2 girls. I didn't want them to get lost as it was their first time running from Bukit Aman and through Bukit Tunku.

The plan was to do the Double Hills parallel (i.e. Jala Bukit Tunku - Jalan Tunku - Mahameru - Jalan Sultan Salahuddin) and back to Jalan Parlimen (approx 10km) and then up again towards Tugu Negara and back down Jalan Sultan Salahuddin towards Jalan Parlimen, completing it as 13.5km.

The guys finished their run much earlier. The 2 girls stopped at 10km. So I tugged Lynn along the 3.5km loop, reminding her that she needed the mileage for the Bareno Run on March 13th. We did our best to hurry as the sun had come up. She was complaining about being very thirsty and I only had a sip of water to spare. =P

After the run, the 7 of us went to Lai Foong at Petaling Street for breakfast. The thing with running with me is that I usually have a breakfast place in plan after the run! How else to motivate others to join us for our runs, eh?

I decided to try the pork noodles because blah blah blah I'm not supposed to eat too much beef or my skin will break out. I loved the smooth feel of the kuey teow and the minced meat. It was just an OK 6/10.

Most of them ordered the beef noodles and YB requested for the laksa type of noodles for the soup. We've learnt our lesson from our first visit that tripe isn't usually added to your noodles, but comes as a separate bowl. That would cost you RM7.

Our order for drinks took a while because the lady who came to take our orders was probably new or inexperienced and couldn't remember everyone's orders. We asked for 100plus and she gave us coke. Only Lynn ordered the iced chinese tea, but she brought 3. Melvin had to wait til she had brought our drinks to the table before she took his order. hehe.

And I had to help her calculate the bill.

We chose Lai Foong because YB likes their coffee. Anyone can suggest where we can find good kopitiam coffee?

Set Lunch at Monte's

(this post doesn't deserve huge ass pics ;D)

I first ate here when I was doing my chambering yonks ago. The boss would occasionally invite some senior lawyers and the students out for a good meal.

I can't remember when was the last time I was here. So many things have changed!

My colleagues and I were invited by a service provider for a belated Chinese New Year lunch.


My colleagues had spent some time studying the menu to decide what to order. I suggested the Oxtail Soup as it is an old time favourite.

When our hosts finally arrived half an hour late, they requested for the set lunch menu.

We were stunned.

We've never before been asked or TOLD to order only from the set lunch menu.

My colleagues and I slowly put away the ala carte menu and obediently studied the set lunch menu.

I nonchalantly asked the person next to me, "Soooo, is everyone ordering from the set lunch menu?"

When he answered yes, my colleague across the table from me looked up and stared at me. I stared back.

I was trying hard not to laugh.

I shrugged.

And we took a while to decide what we wanted to eat.

It was a WTF moment.

Monte's was refurbished a year or two ago.

love the concept ... it gave me an outdoorsy feel.

The soup was not too bad.

I chose the homemade chicken burger which i enjoyed very much. The chicken patty was nice. I was cautiously tasting every bite to see if i could figure out the ingredients and try it at home.

It inspired me to want to make my own burger patties. =)

A scoop of ice-cream for dessert. I opted for chocolate, just because 2 people chose strawberry.

On the way back to work after lunch, my colleagues and I decided that we're not going out for lunch with them anymore.

i hope they don't come across my blog and read this ...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I should be sleeping

But I'm not.

I've been sleeping so late these days that I'm a walking zombie during the daytime.
My eye bags are considered excess baggage that needs to be disposed off soonest possible.

Truth to be told, I was watching the rerun of The Biggest Loser and I got restless. I told YB I wish I could be running, too! *argh*

I also decided to make salmon fish cakes, as late as it was at 10pm. I did it my way. I added shredded carrots to use less potatoes. *shrug* the burnt bits taste really good, but I have to say that the salmon is just too fishy. Hmmmm ... I'm bringing some to work for lunch tomorrow.

I'm also really bummed about the swelling. Why is it swollen, argh!
The chinese guy mentioned something about my ligament and you know me, I never ask these people to just speak English to me so I can understand them. Instead, I'll just nod as if I fully understand.

Now I'm thinking of doing the Bareno Run do or die, but of course, I'll hobble slowly. *sniff* I won't repeat that I'm absolutely gutted, but I'm so disappointed with myself (it's as if I've ran the race and did a miserable time already!) for being injured.

These days, work is such a chore. I just don't enjoy it anymore. I hate it when the phone rings. I hate my desk because I'm such a slob.

Anyway, time to ice the ankle and then bed.

Nodding off.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coffee at Ristretto

I've been meaning to try out the coffee at this place for a while now, ever since they dropped pamphlets into our mailbox to invite us over for a cuppa at a complimentary price of RM3.

Last Friday, I suggested to TQ to meet up for coffee after work.

Tucked away at 10 Mont Kiara deep inside of Jalan Kiara 1, one would not have spot this inconspicuous cafe if not for it's orangey brown banner hanging outside.

Someone brought us 2 menus stuck on clipboards. TQ was given the one with Kerokerokeroppi paper clips (note: I had to search online to spell it properly ;)). I must say the menu needs to be improved: the "welcoming" words on the cover are rather loud. Surely it's not necessary?

We eagerly flipped open the menu and browsed its coffee selection. As we were taking a while to decide, I had to politely tell the waiter to return in 5 minutes (meaning, "Please stop hovering around us! It's annoying...") while we decided.

I almost opted for the Baby Cino.

I think I should have.

We couldn't find titbits worth trying so we gave that a miss and ordered only a coffee each.

We chose to sit inside although they also have an al fresco dining area. As we watched the rain pattering on plastic, TQ and I caught up ... we didn't think it would rain so we never brought our umbrellas. =)

I wanted to sneak a picture of TQ because she's so young and so pretty and slim (*jealous*) and crazy and loves diving and I adore her lomo photos and ... gosh, I just couldn't stop admiring her youth!

TQ decided to go with the double ristretto. She said it was a bit sour. Why wasn't she given an option to have some milk by the side, I have no idea.

I went for the Special Cappucino. I had a hard time understanding the waiter who had explained to me that it was basically cappucino with shaved chocolate bits on top. Oh, ok then.

I was expecting a hint of lovely chocolatey taste but I couldn't taste it as the coffee was strong. Well, it was strong to me.

I'm not a coffee connoisseur, so don't shoot me if I say I was puzzled as to why I wasn't offered sugar to add to my coffee.

You'd think that having coffee at 6pm wouldn't affect my nocturnal rest but I was surprisingly wrong. I didn't sleep well that night and by the time I was in deep sleep, the alarm rang at 530am to remind me I had to get my butt out of bed and to Bukit Aman for my 13.5km run with Lynn.

Nevertheless, if their coffee is that strong, I'm definitely bringing YB over to have a try.

TQ and I think that what the place is lacking is a bit of warmth. Throw in a few more cosy armchairs by the corner and some soothing music, you'll have a better ambiance. We found ourselves leaning forward with our elbows on the table, and that can be quite tiring. Nevertheless, coffee is good enough to bring me back for another try. =)

website: Ristretto Cafe

Other reviews:
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